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Herman Tripp collected Tripp Family information for over  40 years. His database contains over 55,000 Tripp names on the first nine generations of John and Mary (Paine) Tripp. Other pages provide information on other Tripp families.

Herman Tripp passed away in 2014
Thank you, Herman, for all your work over the years

Herman Tripp’s database is incorporated into the Tripp Family Genealogical Website’s master database. It builds on Herman’s 40 years of researching over 55,000 Tripp names in the database. The database contains additions and corrections to the original database and is updated as new research becomes available.  Click here to go to the  Tripp Family Genealogical Database.

Herman’s information on the Trippe surname.

Herman’s information on Nicholas Tripp who settled in North Carolina may or may not be a son, brother or relative of John and Mary (Paine) Tripp. Most Tripp’s in the southern part of the U.S. are descendants of Nicholas Tripp.

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  1. I tried to snail mail some updated and additional information on some Tripps that Herman has named in his database. I sent it to 2047 100th Street, Paton, IA 50217. It was returned to me. Is there a more up to date address?

    • My brother Herman passed away on May 25, 2014. He would have been 91 on July 28. He and his wife Clara moved to Ft. Morgan, Colorado and Clara will continue to reside there. Although she doesn’t have the recall of the data that Herman did, or do computer work, she can put you in touch with others who would like to hear from you. Her address is Clara Tripp, 1100 Linda Street, Apt. A 212, Ft. Morgan, CO 80701. She worked side by side with Herman on every bit of the research, and deserves recognition for her wonderful assistance.

  2. Is there a way to make corrections on Herman Tripp’s historical account of the Tripp family history?

    • There are no plans to update Herman Tripp’s GEDCOM file at this time. Suggest that Tripp research community utilize FamilySearch’s Family Tree for corrections and additions.

      • The correct date of birth for Thomas Henry Tripp is 27 July 1801 and his death was 12 May 1881 in Hngham, Sheboygan Co., Wisconsin. He died with his second wife and family. In his first family he was the father of Samuel Volturner Tripp.
        Herman William Tripp, may he RIP had this right and Maurine Maple Krohne was wrong. Thomas was in fact a Mormon if only for a short time. Find the facts in the Tripp-Waldo Bible.

  3. Herman Tripp and I have same lineage we connect with David Ralph Tripp>,son Zacheus my line >son David Hermans line from John Tripp >the founder I have lost contact with Herman.

    • Herman would have been glad to know you — perhaps he did, I don’t know. I am his sister, Elizabeth Ann Tripp Goode, and so we have the same relationship!!
      Although I am not continuing the work, I am so pleased that others are, and glad to see him recognized for his years of dedicated research. He passed away on May 25, 2014. He was my hero!

  4. Herman William Tripp passed away on Mary 25, 2014, while residing in Ft. Morgan, Colorado. I am Herman’s youngest sister. I am so pleased to see that his name is still recognized for his amazing research that started out simply to learn the name of our Grandfather’s parent (our Great grandfather). I am not the one to continue the work, but he did pass on his records to Sally Tripp, in California. His wife Clara has her address, although Sally is not doing anything on it at present. Keep going, Tripps!!!

  5. I am so sorry for your loss Elizabeth Ann. Herman was a “hero” to a lot of us folks who were ‘newbies’ in our Tripp research. Thanks for the update and I think I will write Clara.

    • I will tell her to expect your letter! I know she will be glad to hear from you. Thank you for your appreciation of my dear brother!

  6. I was so blessed to meet with Herman and he did so much research finding me and sending family history to me and his visit to Poplar Bluff,MO in 1997/98? the reunions in Paton,Iowa. I need information how he found or David and Betsey Tripp married in New York? Know the Springer Bible record gives the dates ,the place is what I need. cousin 5th Darlene

  7. I too am sad that Herman has passed away. I worked with Herman for years to get his information on the web. At first he was very uncomfortable with the thought of doing this, but once he saw the result and the potential for placing it on the internet he was very excited about the project. After putting his research out there for others to see and respond to with further questions, he became a happy man – he had become even more connected. I remember him telling me that he only sleep 3-4 hours a night, then would get up to enter more data, respond to email sent by other Tripp researchers and as a result his family became his love for life. There would be times when I would get a phone call and Herman was so excited about this or that new bit of information he just had to let me know about it. I was honored to know and to assist him in his passion and mine – that being, finding out more about our families and how interconnected we are. My only regret is that we did not have more time to work together and that technology did not evolve sooner to make our task a bit easier.

    Bob Tripp

  8. Perhaps one of you can help me. I came across a grandfather clock at a yardsale that has the name John W. Tripp engraved on it. It was made by him and it says that he was born in 1886 and the clock made in 1973. It was then “refininished” by his granddaughter Rachel Tripp. I keep feeling like it there is more to the story and am just curious about him. I live in San Antonio, but I know that his granddaughter had ties to Colorado. Just curious or if it might be of value to anyone. Thanks in advance!

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