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Here is a listing of web pages that reference the Tripp Family Surname that are not a part of this site. Simply click on the hyperlink to go to that particular site.

If you have knowledge of additional websites primarily dealing with Tripp genealogical data please let me know by Clicking Here.

Tripp Family Genealogy Forum: Home: Surnames: After purchasing GenForum, announced that they were going to close it in September 2014. That apparently hasn’t happened yet [Jan 2015].

The Trippe Surname Message Board – is the host of this site. Messages posted to this board also appear in the “” mailing list. As of July 10, 2003 there were 832 messages posted.

My Sylvanus Genealogy  (  Steven Tripp’s genealogy of Sylvanus Tripe of Kittery, Maine. This Tripp line traces to a Gabriel Tripe of Devonshire, England to Kittery, Maine before 1650.

New England Ancestry [link: “” broken 11-Nov-2012]

Peleg and Mary (Sammist) Tripp of Warren County, New York I have posted a web page regarding Peleg and Mary (Sammist)Tripp of Warren County, New York. This is as far back as I can document my Tripp family, and to keep busy with Tripp research have decided to try to learn of more descendants of this Peleg and Mary [link: “” broken 11-Nov-2012]

James Trippe and Rosepha Ann Trippe Founders of Whitewater, Walworth County, Wisconsin “The Pioneers of Wisconsin” Dr. James Tripp, deceased, was born in Schenectady, N. Y., in 1795. He received his medical education in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Western District of New York at Albany, from which he graduated about 1817. He engaged in the practice of medicine at Mobile, Ala., which he continued till 1819, when he returned to New York and was married, in Laurens, Otsego Co., to Miss Rosepha Comstock, daughter of William Comstock. [link: “” broken 11-Nov-2012]

Dawn’s Genealogy Page — I am researching George EmeryJOHNSON, born 1862 in IA and married Lucy Ann MOORE who was also born in IA. They went by wagon to the Cherokee Strip Oklahoma in possibly 1895 for a land run. They lived in Woods Co OK, then moved to MO for a short time, then back to OK and finally to KS. Also researching Thomas C TRIPP who married Zimrud GRAMMAR in 1831 in Union Co IL. They moved to Longton KS area. Robert Morris FULLER who married Phoebe CHANDLER and lived in the Longton KS area in the mid – late 1800’s. They moved to Pico Rivera CA and farmed and are buried in Old Whittier Cemetery. Benjamin LEMASTERS early 1800’s in KY and IN married Isabella BARKER. Christopher LEMASTERS mid 1800’s IN married Sarah Jane MINKS. Rex Sheridan LEMASTERS late 1800’s IN,OK, CA married Bertha Ann KNAPP. Williams SWATMAN early 1800’s England, Canada, ID married Eliza BEDDOES. Albert Henry SWATMAN mid 1800’s Canada, WI, PA, OR married Mary. Charles SWATMAN late 1800’s WI, PA, OR married Cora ROSS.

Tripp Genealogy – Some of the Descendents of Sylvanus who settled in Kittery, Maine,the latter part of the Seventeenth Century — In compiling genealogy the old records which it is necessary to consult are, in many cases, incomplete or illegible. In other cases they have, in whole or in part, been lost or destroyed by fire. Histories of the same places by different authors are sometimes contradictory. The only records that are almost invariably correct are gravestones and family bibles. It is therefore necessary to co-ordinate births, marriages, deaths and other events to supply missing links in the line; but, like circumstantial evidence in cases at law, this method of procedure is not infallible. [link: “” broken 11-Nov-2012]

Davol/Deuel Web page The name is of French Origin, from Deyville, a village or district in France from the word David. Deuel, Duel, Davol, Davall, Devol, Duval, Duell, Dewell and numerous other spellings. Devel was a popular version among the fourth generation. Mayflower families use Devol in their listings of descendants of George Soule. Give Me Your Golden Hand (GMYGH ) makes reference to the name change of Benjamin Deuel. The family was Huguenot. William and his wife were Quakers. The will of John Duel dated 16 Sept 1806, proved Duchess Co. 28 Nov 1808, named wife Anna. It is believed that she was wife of William Tripp. Anna would be wife #2. The will of John Duel states William Tripp, son of Anna was to receive one cow and ten sheep. This was erased before signing. Sons Cornelius and William were named executors.

On the Trail of Our Ancestors Donna Speer Ristenbatt Genealogy — Welcome to the home page of Donna Speer Ristenbatt. This genealogy home page is dedicated to the memory of my aunt, Laura Elizabeth ROGERS, the woman who started researching our family’s history over 50 years ago. This page is also a thank you to my father’s sister, my aunt Harriet SPEER Bush. Inadvertently, she sparked my interest in our family’s history by sending me a copy of the discharge papers of my great great grandfather, Henry H. Speer Jr., who fought in the 13th New Jersey Regiment during the American Civil War. This, combined with a trip to Gettysburg, PA, where I found out that the 13th NJ Regiment had fought, was enough to start a keen interest in genealogy. Combine this interest with the computer knowledge of my husband, David Earl Ristenbatt, and voilà! – a genealogy home page evolved.

The Upton Page For my Tripp info follow the link of Belinda’s ancestors. Hope you enjoy the home page. [link: “” broken 11-Nov-2012]

Edward M Tripp was a farmer at Warrensburg, Chesterton, and Horicon, New York. [link:”” broken 11-Nov-2012]

Susanna Anthony Tripp [link: “” broken 11-Nov-2012]

Descendants of Russell Tripp

SHERMAN: most deal with Phillip Sherman of Portsmouth.

Descendants of Nicholas Tripp

Charles Kyker’s Family Home Page

Pearl’s Home Page [link: “” broken 11-Nov-2012]

Descendants of John Tripp

Descendants of Charles Tripp (1761-1844), Revolutionary War Soldier

Tennessee Tripp Genealogy Descendants of Robert Tripp (1722-1800), a founder of Bath, North Carolina and later residing in Core Point, North Carolina. A delegate to Ha7lifax Congress Nov 1776. Appointed justice of the peace under first state constitution. Member of General Assembly 1778. Descended from John and Mary (Paine) Tripp through son, James Tripp. Compiled by Charles Asbury Tripp, Brownsville, TN, 2015.

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  1. Trying to document Isabel Tripp wife of Robert Potter Parents. Research has let me to believe the she may be the sister of John ‘the founder’. There is the notation regarding ‘Uncle Robert Potter’ that seem to tie the families during that period of time. Ann clarification or documentation would be greatly appreciated

  2. I have the Tripps back to the Howard’s.
    Henry V renamed the family
    After earl Jowards fifth son was able to help hi
    Breach the walls of Bologne.
    He asked how he came to beach the city and Howard replied,” I tripped the walls!”
    Henry told him that shall be your name ever more.”
    The next son was Owen Howard Tripp
    Great right?

  3. I’ve been researching for several months now to determine the actual father of Isabel Tripp wife of Robert Potter (1610 era). The conflict between John Tripp and John Anthony. Why would her surname be or include Tripp and be born to Anthony – doesn’t make sense. Besides many records indicate her parents either toddlers at the time of Isabel’s birth or actually born after her.
    Yet, there is little data connecting her to John Tripp, actually of the supposed 12 siblings (per John Jr married Paine) few are found and generally John and Ann.
    Sure would be nice to fine actual documentation.

  4. My Sylvanus Genealogy is now available at:

    BTW, my Y-DNA is I2a1*. This matched a Tripp cousin in Ohio who I did not know. If your name is Tripp and your Y-DNA is I2a1* you are very likely descended from Sylvanus.

    • Thanks for sharing. We’ll include a link to your genealogy on our site. The DNA testing corrects an long-standing published error placing Sylvanus Tripe in the family of John Tripp of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. With the Internet the error has been reproduced everywhere. As you know, Sylvanus’ genetic profile is very rare and there are few matches at Family Tree DNA. If you know any Tripp males in England, the Tripp Surname DNA project is interested in recruiting them to test their DNA.

  5. This file may be more useful:

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