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Descendants of First Son: John

Amanda Mathieson – John & Mary > John & Susanna> John & Mary Hart> Richard & Mary Demille (moved to Prince Edward County, Canada with brother, Israel who also married a Demille)> Isaac Allen Sr. & Annie Wessels> Isaac Allen Jr. & Margaret Matilda Spencer> Stephen Allan & Margaret O’Donahue> Stephen Allen> Me

Sandra Main John Tripp & Mary Paine> John Tripp & Susannah Anthony> John Tripp & Mary Hart> Othniel Tripp & Mary Potter> Othniel Tripp & Hannah Manchester> Stephen Tripp & Rhoda Ruby Sawyer> Othniel Tripp & Lydia Shaw> Nicholas Tripp & Charlotte Thurlow> Charles Henry Tripp & Nancy Merrill> Albert Tripp & Olive Tripp> Rosa Tripp (my grandmother)> my mom Elsie> me.

Gary Lynn Tripp John Tripp & Mary Payne> John Tripp Jr. & Susana Anthony> Othniel Tripp & Mary Potter> Othniel Tripp & Waite [-?-]> Caleb Tripp & Penelope [-?-]> Joshua Tripp & Allie Tyson> Lawrence Lynn Lanier Tripp & Susan Slaughter> Benjamin Lewellyn Tripp & Catherine Penelope Joyner> Roy Benjamin Tripp & Evelyn Earle Phillips> Phillip Melvin Tripp & Nancy Walker Harris> Me.

Luke Christian Tripp John> John> John> Richard> John> Charles> Joseph> Jacob> William> Woodrow> Phillip> Phillip> Me.

Linda Vieth John> John> John> John> Richard> Smiten> George C.> Martin Farley> Edgar Monroe> Edgar Clyde> Margaret Tripp Pringer> Linda Pringer Vieth.

Deann Tripp Sauter John> John> Othniel> Othniel> Caleb> Cullen> Caleb> David W.> Macon “Make”> Raleigh Bruce> Harvey Lee Sr.> Me.

Vicky June Byrd John Tripp & Mary Paine> John Tripp & Susannah Anthony> Othniel Tripp & Mary Potter> Caleb Tripp & [-?-] Waite, Newport, RI> Joshua Tripp & Allie Tyson, Pitt Co., NC> Moses Tripp & Edney Lee, Pitt Co. & Harnett Co., NC> Charles Henry Tripp & Mary Elizabeth Hall, Harnett Co., NC> Miles Clarence Tripp & Iva Pearl Jones, Dunn, Harnett Co., NC> Henry Paul Tripp & Edna Jeanette Barefoot, Dunn, Harnett Co., NC> Vicky June Tripp, Dunn, Harnett Co., NC.

Sally Carnutt Hamilton John Tripp> John Tripp> James Tripp> Robert Tripp> Anthony Tripp> John Tripp> Jonathan Hughston Tripp> Aaron Tripp> Jonathan Wiley Tripp> John (Jasper or Julius) Tripp> Sarah Elizabeth (Sally) Tripp> John Carlyle Carnutt> Sally Carnutt Hamilton.

Mark Tripp John> John> Benjamin> Benjamin> Thomas> James> James Henry> Thomas> Obed C.> Obed T.> Thomas Norris> Me

Karen Tripp Martin John & Mary Paine> John> Benjamin> Benjamin> Anthony> Roba> Ephriam> Algerine> Isaac> Isaac> Isaac> me #11is listed as Philadelpia Perry Tripp This was my dad’s grandmother his grandfather was Algerine Tripp #11 descendant of George Tripp b1580.

Cynthia Tripp John> John> Benjamin> Burrell William> William Burrell> Burrell William> Grover> William Luther> William Sayre> me.

Janine O’Brien John> John> Benjamin> Benjamin> Thomas> Benjamin> William G.> Benjamin (1830-1871) A seaman from Fairhaven, MA, removed to Australia c1853. Looking for living descendants.

Michelle Jepson John> John> Benjamin> Benjamin> Thomas> Benjamin> William G.> George Washington. Brother of Benjamin, also a seaman from Fairhaven, MA, removed to Australia.

Mark Tripp John & Mary Paine> John & Susanna Anthony> Benjamin & Elizabeth Potter> Benjamin & Esther [-?-]> Thomas & Mary Tinkham> James &Polly Clark> James Henry & Anna J. Clarke> Thomas & Seviah Smith> Obed C. & Annie Bentley> Obed T. & Anna Bebka> Thomas Norris & Loretta Krzyzak> Me.

Ed Horton John> John> Benjamin> Nathaniel> Thomas> Benjamin> Lydia> Mary Russell Seekel> Flora Etta Horton> Charles Linwood Horton> Edward Charles Horton

Wayne Tripp John> John> Benjamin> Catherine> Meribah> Philip> Stephen> Almanza> Stephen> Almanza>Joseph Gidley Tripp (my father)>Wayne Joseph (me)>Brett Alexander Platt (my son)

Brandia Kutchek John> John Jr> Benjamin> Catherine Tripp & Ebenezer Tripp> Meribah Tripp & James Tripp> Thankful Tripp & Howard Tripp> Adeline> Ellen Wilkey> Sarah Manchester> Edward Johnson> Douglas Johnson (living)> Candace Johnson> me.

Fred Davis John> John> James> Robert> Anthony> John> Jonathan Hughston> Aaron> Jonathan Wiley> Julian Gilmore> Fred Gilmore> Dwight Elsworth> Fred Davis

Marie Sorrendino  John> John> Peleg> Job> Issac> Job> William> Isaac> Isaac> William> William> George O.> Carol Tripp> Marie Sorrendino

Dorothy J. Countryman John Tripp and Mary Paine> John Tripp and Susanna Anthony> Job Tripp and wife unknown> Isaac Tripp and Susannah Spencer> Isaac D. Tripp and Martha Wall> William Henry Tripp and Catherine Holbert> William Homer Augustus (WHA) Tripp and Nancy Ann Roby> Stephen Mason (SM) Tripp and Eliza Jane Tucker> Roscoe C. Tripp and Vada Alice Davis> Lawrence G. and Nelva Jane Tripp Countryman> (me)

Barry W. Tripp John> John Jr> Benjamin> Nathaniel> Thomas> Gilbert (Captain)> Pardon> Frederick> Clifford> Frederick> John> me

Betty Ellen Anderson John and Mary (Paine) Tripp> John Tripp> John Tripp> Othniel Tripp> Peleg Tripp> William Tripp> Charles Tripp> Nathan Willow Tripp> Marry Etta Tripp> Cora Belle Herring> Kenneth Less Summers> me.

Thomas Michael Floodeen John Tripp & Mary Paine> John Tripp Jr & Susanna Anthony> John Tripp & Mary Hart> Othniel Tripp & Hannah Manchester> Peleg Tripp & Jane Ogden> William Tripp & Hannah Pickard> Charles Tripp & Lydia Blackfoot> William R. Tripp & Hannah Rowen> John William Tripp & Nancy Jane Voshell> Guy Tripp & Cleo Winifred Chittenden> William Taylor Floodeen & Verna Marie Tripp> me.

Anne Welsh I am descended from John Tripp by 2 lines: 1. John> Joseph> Ebenezer> Ebenezer*> Theodate & Peleg Potter> Benjamin Potter> Hiram Potter> Louise Potter & Harvey Badger> Sarah Badger & William Calkins> Sarah Calkins & Ira Pratt> Clifford Pratt 2. John> John> Benjamin> Catherine & Ebenezer Tripp*> Theodate & Peleg Potter> Benjamin Potter> Hiram Potter> Louise Potter & Harvey Badger> Sarah Badger & William Calkins> Sarah Calkins & Ira Pratt> Clifford Pratt * indicates the same person — Ebenezer the second.

Marilynn Tanner Sabo  John & Mary Paine> John & Susannah Anthony> Susannah Tripp & Thomas Potter> Susannah Potter & Isaac Sheldon> Elizabeth Sheldon & Francis Tanner> Joshua Tanner & Thankful Tefft> John Tanner & Elizabeth Beswick> Myron Tanner & Mary Jane Mount> Bertrand A. Tanner & Emma Marie Gudmundson> Loren Tanner & Mercedes Lewis> Dale L. Tanner & Mary Louise Stone> me.

Janet Graham John> John> John> Susanna Anthony Tripp & Thomas Potter> Susanna Potter & Isaac Sheldon> Thomas Sheldon> Gideon Sheldon, Sr.> Gideon Sheldon, Jr.> Gideon Shelden IV> Truman Chapin Shelden> Frances Jane Shelden> Ila Fleming> Phyllis Weese> Me

Joan Svoboda John> John> Suzanna Anthony Tripp & Thomas Potter> Martha Potter & Matthew Maxson.

Deb Carpenter Nathaniel> John> John> Joseph> Peleg> Othniel> Samuel> Stephen> Samuel> Laban> Frank Elmer Ellsworth> Frank Elmer> Irene & Donald Gedney> Debra Gedney (me)

Stephen Lorre Stroud John> John> Othniel Tripp and Hannah Manchester> Peleg Tripp> William Tripp> Charles Tripp (of Canada with no spouse or children other than Nathan)> Nathan W. Tripp and Alvira Catherine Bradley> Redman Pirkins Dorrel and Rosetta Tripp> Landy R. Dorrel and Pansy L. Dains> Lora L. Stroud and Alice N. Dorrel> Stephen Lorre Stroud.

LaFona Hill John Tripp & Mary Paine> John Tripp & Susannah Anthony> John Tripp & Mary Hart> Othniel Tripp & Hannah Manchester> Othniel Tripp & Elizabeth May> Levi Tripp & Jane Lane> Charles Woodsum & Florinda Tripp> John Sedgley & Mary Woodsum> George Erving & LaFona Sedgley> Faith Erving (my mother). Ovid Tripp & Mildred Estella Powers> Clarence Flanders & Adelaide Tripp> Alvin Goodrich & Helen Flanders> Alvin Goodrich Jr (my father)

Roy G. Tripp John> John (Jr)> Benjamin> Nathaniel> Thomas> Gilbert (Captain)> Gilbert> Samuel> Jesse> Clarence> Roy G. Tripp

Thomas Manning Tripp John> John> Joseph> Joseph> Philip> Edmund> Edmund> Edmund> George Nelson> George Edgar>Carl Noel> Thomas Manning

Carl N. Tripp John> John> Joseph> Joseph> Philip> Edmund> Edmund> Edmund> George Nelson> George Edgar

Ida John> John> Martha Tripp & Samuel Sherman> Ebenezer Sherman> David Sherman> John Sherman> Merritt Sherman> Harriet Sherman> Frances Sweezey> O’Harrow.

Cara Johnson John> John> Martha Tripp & Samuel Samson Sherman)> Ebenezer Sherman> David Sherman> Humphrey Sherman> Steven Sherman> Chester B. Sherman> Frederick J. Sherman> Earl Judson Sherman> Merrill Homer Sherman> Carol Gladys Sherman (adopted Henley) & John Howard Brooks> me.

Elizabeth Meintel John, John, Martha Tripp (Sherman), Sarah Sherman (Chase), Phoebe Chase (Slade), Joseph Slade, Easther Slade (Hart), William Hart Jr, Elizabeth Hart (Ashburn), Mary Anne Ashburn (Newhart), Oscar Newhart, Minnie C. Newhart (Humphrey), Frederick E. Humphrey Jr., Elizabeth Humphrey (Meintel) []

Bonnie Weber John> John> Susannah Potter John> John> Abiel> Abiel

Jeanne Murdock Tripp John> Benjamin> Catherine> Meribah> Philip> Stephen> Almanza> Stephen> Almanza> Dennis> David.

Raymond Allen Tipton John> John> Othniel> Peleg> William> Charles> Nathan> Leonice> MinnieSwigart> James Harvey Burns> Rosemary> Raymond Allen Tipton (Me).

Debra Jean Baldwin Andrews Venneman John&Mary> John> John> John> Othniel> Peleg> William> Charles Sr> Nancy “Sarah” M. Tripp Taylor (b. CAN, d. ID)> Benjamin Franklin Taylor> Amos Sylvanias Taylor> Luella Lillian Taylor Spencer> Chester W. Spencer> Patricia L. Spencer Baldwin> Me.

Carol Jean Winckler John> John Jr.> John Tripp III> Abiel> Abiel> Philip Tripp (1771 – 1822) and Lydia Taber (1772 – 1848)> Seneca Tripp (1805 – 1855) and Polly Zee ____ ( ? – 1829)> David Tripp (1829 – 1872) and Phoebe Swartout (1829 – 1916)> Oscar Philip Tripp (1867 – ?) and Alice Mary Davis (1873 – 1948)> Lyle Elmer Tripp (1892 – 1951) and Esther Christena Lehman (1894 – 1981)> my parents> Me. Alice CharlotteTripp (1927 – Living) and William Leo Winckler (1924 – 1991)> (1955 – Living) …. That’s me! 🙂

Gerald Hayes John Tripp 1611> John Tripp 1673> Abiel Tripp 1709> Anna Tripp 1738 & Ebenezer Wright 1737> Moses Wright 1765> Weston Wright 1796> Dorland Wright 1843> Isaac Wright 1889> Alberta Wright 1916> Edna Wright 1936 & William G. Hayes 1936> me.

Robert Edward Tripp John> John> James> Robert> Robert> Robert> Edward> Robert Edward> Robert Edward, Jr,> me

Le Anne Koliha Both my maternal grandmother and grandfather are descendants of John Tripp. 1. John> John> Ann> Elizabeth Ingalls> Francis Dane> Mary Dane> Daniel Ballard> Henry Ballard> Martha Ballard> Herbert Shepardson> Hazel Shepardson> Gwen Page – me. 2. John> John> Joseph> James> William> William> Polly> William Page> Frank Page> Don Page> Gwen Page> me

Gerald Tripp John> John> Benjamin> Nathaniel> Thomas> Gilbert> Gilbert> Samuel> Jesse> Clarence> Gerald. []

Charles Kyker John> John> Lott> Edward> Mary Tripp & Solomon Angell> James William Angell.

Susan Cox John> John Jr> John III> Othnniel> Peleg> Stephen S.> Bradford Hewitt> Merville Lee> Idell> Janet Harrington> Susan Cox

Donna Potter John> John> Susanna Anthony Tripp & Thomas Potter> Sarah Potter & John Earle> Susannah Earl & Daniel Sherman> Daniel Sherman II> Joseph Sherman> Sally H. Sherman & Joshua Coggeshall Brown> Mary Sherman Brown & Jeremiah Carpenter Potter> George Edwin Orlando Potter> Earle Carleton Potter> Edwin Carleton Potter> Donna Faye Potter

Mary Ward John> John> Mary M. Gersham Wodell

Ronald E. Tripp McCrosky John> John> John> John> Othniel> Peleg> Stephen S.> Bradford Hewitt> Merville> Ronald Tripp

Frank Tripp, Jr. John> John> James> Robert> Anthony> John W.> Jonathan Houston> Aaron> Jonathan Wiley> William Jessie> Edgar Franklin Sr.> Edgar Franklin Jr. (Me)

Descendants of Second Son: Peleg

Judy Taylor John Tripp & Mary Paine> Peleg Trip & Anne Sisson> Isaac Huff & Sarah Tripp> David Losee & Lydia Huff> Joseph Huff & Mary Jane Losee> John Edwards Huff & Sarah Ann Robinson> Charles Henry Bellows & Mary Jane Huff> Herbert John “Jack” Taylor & Minnie Bellows> Herbert Bellows Taylor & Aleen Mowry> Me.

Nancy Homer Ware John> Peleg> Job> Benony> Acus> Jeptha Tripp & Roxana Dexter> Betsey Tripp & John P. Crowell> Nathan T. Crowell & Elizabeth Long> Harriet Crowell & William H. Read> Mattie Read. & John Byrom> Harriet & William J. Carr> Beatrice L. Carr & Thomas J. Homer> me.

Burks Oakley II John Tripp & Mary Paine> Peleg Tripp & Anne Sisson> Job Tripp & Elizabeth Sweet>  Job Tripp & Sarah White> Benjamin Tripp & Anna Mosher> Allen Miller & Hannah Tripp> Ezra Marvin Miller & Jane Kershaw Wells> Hannah Mariah Miller & Aaron Burr Oakley> Ray Miller Oakley & Kate Cameron Burks> Burks Oakley & Grace Florence Brorström> Burks Oakley II

Jennifer Tartaglia John Tripp (1611–1678) & Mary Paine (1611–1687)> Peleg Tripp (1642–1714) & Ann Sisson (c1647/48–1713)> Job Tripp (1673–1751) & Mehitable (??–1715> Capt. William Tripp, (1712–Aft 1785) & Mary Willcox (??–1742)> Thomas Tripp (1740–1823) & Tacy Coon (??–1799)> Thomas Tripp, Junior (Abt 1775–1810) & Mary (HOLLISTER) HOLITER> Thomas H. Tripp (1800–??) & Nancy Isabel Parrot (1806–1856)> Samuel Volturner Tripp (1830–1895) & Rose Ann Ramsey (1838–1869)> William Benjamin Tripp (1861–1926) & Alice Merriam Hopkins (1866–1934)> Albert Dias (Bert) Tripp (1892–1958) & Louise RENSLER (1897–1936)> Mary Alice Tripp (1922-1993) & Paul Richard Ray (1923–1988) (my grandparents)

Jessica R Tripp  John Tripp & Mary Paine> Peleg Tripp & Anne Sisson> Job Tripp & Elizabeth Sweet> Judge Job Tripp & Sara Weeden Jr.> Ezekiel Tripp & Mary Lawton> Benjamin Tripp & Hannah Deuel> Ephraim D/O Tripp & Sally Tripp> Lionel Silas Tripp & Mary Agnes Wertz> Joseph E. Tripp & Bessie Batdorf Smeed> Joseph L Tripp Sr. & Ruth Ann Carnahan> My Dad> Me

Lance Ware John> Peleg> Job> Job> Ezekiel> Weeden> Mary Ann & Barnum Bliss…

Sheryl Bieniak John Tripp & Mary Paine> Peleg Tripp & Anne Sisson> Job Tripp & Elizabeth Sweet> Abiel Tripp & Deborah Cleveland> Abiel Tripp & Jemima Blancherd> Cyrus Tripp & Mary Polly Leland> Elmons Beals Tripp & Lucinda A. Parsons> Harrison Bonner Tripp & Phebe Ann Williams> Nellie E Tripp & William Wilber Petherbridge (NY)> Florence M Petherbridge & George H McElver (NY)> Georgine M McElver & Lawrence W Armour (MI)> Me.

Pam Purol John> Peleg> Job> Abiel> Palmer> Albro> Palmer G.> Uriah> Ralph> Arlene> Me

Victor McDonald John Tripp (1610-1678)> Peleg Tripp (1642-1714)> Job Tripp (1673 – 1751)> Ezekiel Tripp (1743 – 1827)> Benjamin Tripp (1775 – 1835)> Ephraim Duell Tripp (1800 – 1881)> John Wesley Tripp (1833 – 1910)> Myron John Tripp (1861 – 1942)> Earl Clarence Tripp McDonald (1887 – 1959)> David Luke McDonald (1935 – 2001)> Me. I am interested in why some sons of Myron Tripp took the name McDonald.

Robin Tripp Greenwood John> Peleg> Job> Abiel> Palmer> Albro> William> Burrell> Harold> Edward> Me

Bob Tripp John> Peleg> Job> Abiel> Abiel> Cyrus> Norman N.> Henry D.> Norman P.> John F.> Me.

Sheryl Armour Bieniak John> Peleg> Job>Abiel Sr.> Cyrus Sr.> Elmond B.> Harrison Bonner> Nellie Tripp (Petherbridge)> Florence Petherbridge (McElver)> Georgine McElver (Armour)> Me.

Ned Tripp John> Peleg> Job> Abiel> Benjamin> Albro> Albro> Henry> Julian> Neil> Me. I also have three children (as well as seven grandchildren!).

Jim Wilson John> Peleg> Job> Abial> Benjamin> Job> Tryphonia

Lorin K. Hansen John> Peleg> Job> Abiel> Benjamin> Abiel

Milton Frank Empie John & Mary(Paine)> Peleg & Anne (Sisson)> Job & Mehitabele> Job & Sarah (Weeden)> Ichabod Mosher & Anna (Tripp)> Jonathan Mosher & (Sarah Palmer)> Ennis Mosher & Catherine (Barber)> Charles Eugene Mosher & Louise (Fenner)> Milton Brayton Empie & Julia (Mosher)> Giles Empie & Georgia (Brown)> Me.

Jason Lakomec John Tripp and Mary Paine> Peleg Tripp and Anne Sisson> Job Tripp and Mehitable> Judge Job Tripp and Sarah Weeden> Ezekiel Tripp and Mary R. Lawton> Alpheus Finch and Sarah H. Tripp> Samuel Meaker/Meeker and Sarah (Finch) Meaker/Meeker> Alpheus Meaker> Eli Alpheus Meaker> Roscoe Earl Meaker and Grace Marble> Thornton R. Meaker and Mary Pratt> Michael Lakomec and Carole (Meaker) Lakomec> Jason Michael Lakomec.

Shirley Lorance Stanford John Tripp & Mary Paine> Peleg Tripp & Anne Sisson> Job Tripp & Mahitable ?> Job Tripp & Sarah Weeden> Ezekiel Tripp> Mordecai Lester & Delaney Tripp> James Lester> David Alpheus Lester> Clarence Alpheus Lester> Ruby Lester Lorance> Me [Deceased, 1931-2003]

Richard Lester John Tripp & Mary Paine> …> Ezekiel Tripp & Mary Lawton> Mordecai Lester & Delaney Tripp> …> me.

Carolyn Russell John Tripp & Mary Paine> Peleg Tripp and Anne Sisson> Job Tripp & unknown (Mahitable?)> Job Tripp & Sarah Weeden> Ezekiel Tripp & Mary Lawton> Delany Tripp & Mordecai Lester> Enoch Lester & Prudence Grovesteen> Abner H. Lester & Unknown> Abner E. Lester & Marion E. Helms> Cora I. Lester & Leo N. Fish> Eleanor I. Fish & William A. Judware> me.

familytrace4fsk John Tripp & Mary Paine> Peleg Tripp & Anne Sisson> Job Tripp & Mahitable ?> Job Tripp & Sarah Weeden> Ezekiel Tripp> Mordecai Lester & Delaney Tripp> Mordecai Lester Jr & Margaret Chase> Irving L Lester & Sarah Jane (Jennie) Kelly/Kelley> Alfred Guy Lester & Georgianna Quilhot> Guy George Lester & Nora O’Keefe> Georgianna Lester & Private> Me.

Herman Tripp John> Peleg> Job> Isaac> Job> John> David Ralph> David> John> William> Joseph> Raymond> Herman William Tripp

Darlene Kerins Pierce John> Peleg> Job> Isaac> Job> John> James> George Washington> Theodore Eugene> Lillie Mae Tripp & Burdic Allen Miller> Helen Miller & Paul Andrew Kerins> Darlene Paula Kerins & Dale Pierce> Cheri Leigh Pierce & Ronald Syanovitz> Katie Anna Syanovitz

Brittany Antoine John Tripp> Peleg Tripp> Job Tripp> Isaac Tripp> Job Tripp> John Tripp> James Tripp> George Washington Tripp> Theodore Eugene Tripp> Lillie Mae Tripp> Lillie is my g-g-grandmother.

Jill Padfield John Tripp & Mary Paine> Peleg Tripp> Job Tripp> Isaac Tripp> Job Tripp> John Tripp> James> Nancy Tripp & Ebenezer Moon> James Henry Moon & Mehitable Benjamin> Rhuea Moon & George Stevens> Bessie Stevens & Robert Padfield> Robert E. Padfield & Doreen Miller> Me

DJ Miles John Tripp & Mary Paine> Peleg> Job> Isaac> Job> John F.> James> Theodore F.> Nellie D. Tripp & Granville Prindel> Audrey Prindel & Louis Broadley> Betty Broadley & Jimmie Williams> me

Vicky Veon John> Peleg> Job> Isaac> Job> William> Thomas> Danford C.> Charles> Alem> Cyrus Tripp> Emma Tripp Kilburn> Vicky (Kilburn) Veon

Jan D. Kirkwood John> Peleg> Job> Issac> Job> William> William Augustus> David S.> James Ezra> Barbara J. Tripp> Charles V Perryman> Jane D. Perryman> Jan D. Kirkwood

Jamia Geer John> Peleg> Job> Isaac> William> Phoebe Tripp> Weltha Harding> Emmaus Baker> Francis Marion Baker> Alta Mae Baker> Carrie Elizabeth DeVee.

Abigail Harding John> Peleg> Job> Issac> William> Phoebe Tripp> George Tryon Harding> Charles Alexander Harding> George Tryon Harding> George Tryon Harding Jr.> Charles Weaver Harding> Abigail Harding (me).

Dale Thompson John> Peleg> Job> Isaac> Job> William> Thomas> Danford C.> Lydia A. Tripp> George Nelson Thompson> Myron Danford Thompson> Roy Laverne Thompson> Roy Laverne Thompson> Dale Thompson

Gayle McCotter John> Peleg> Job> Isaac> William> Phebe(Tripp) & Amos Harding> Geo T. & Ann/Ella (Roberts) Harding> Hulda & Abram Logan> Abraham V. & Frances(Weed)> Sarah & Benjamin O’Hara (my gr.grandparents)>…> Gayle of WA

LeRoy Monty Mills John> Peleg> Job> Isaac> Ruth> Mary Slocum> William Slocum Town(e)> Milton Evans Town> Leona Fay Town> Benadine Fay Bowers> LeRoy Monty Mills and our daughter, Michelle Lynn Mills.

Virginia Hassenflu John> Peleg> Job> Isaac> Job> John> Sarah & Silas Clark> Polly & Wheaton Wright> Silas & Mary Ann Martin> Nettie & Ezra D. Green> Elton Ezra & Ida Nell Edmonds> Virginia Lee & Arthur A. Hassenflu.

Marguerite Teska John> Peleg> Job> Peleg> Lydia & John Douglas> Silence Douglas & Samuel Beman> Henry D. Beman & Caroline Myrick…> me

Brett D. Brown John & Mary Paine> Peleg & Anne Sisson> Job & Elizabeth Sweet> Deborah & Shibna Spink> Shebna Spink & Delight Clothier> Buckley & Amy Moshier> Solon & Martha Burns> Minerva Florence & John Jacob Dicken> Pearl Dicken & Charles William Dern> Marvel Rose Dern & Barrett Fink Brown> Brett Dicken Brown.

Ronald H Tripp John> Peleg> Peleg> Caleb> William> Isaac> Robert> Andrew> Herbert>

Pearl Innes John> Peleg> Peleg> Peleg> Peleg> Nathaniel> Charles> Edward> Albert> Mary> Pearl

Eric “Casey” Tripp John> Peleg> Isaac> Isaac (2)> William> William(2)> Oliver Ticen Tripp> Joseph Worden Tripp> Warren Pershing Tripp> Gary Warren Tripp> Eric Casey Tripp.

Gerald J. Rice John> Peleg> Mehitable & Thomas Thurston> Ruth Thurston and Zachariah Eddy> Eliphalet Eddy & Phoebe King> Jerusha Eddy & Eber Angell> Noel Angell & Hannah Colburn> Noel Angell Jr and Abagail Goodrich> Clarissa Angell & George P. Rice> Charles E. Rice & 2nd Ellen Hynes> Henry E. Rice & Grace Beaudette> Gerald H. Rice & Evelyn Jarvis> Gerald J. Rice & Shirley E. Humphreys, 5 children and 11 grnd children

Robert J. Underwood Jr. Unconfirmed John> Peleg> Job> Job> Job> Peleg> Nathanial> Adelia wife of C.E.Prouty

Joe Garcia John> Peleg> Mary

Margo Ames John> Peleg> Mehitable & Thomas THURSTON> Edward THURSTON> Thomas THURSTON & Mehitable Tripp (d. after 1730)> Ruth THURSTON &. Zachariah Eddy III> Eliphalet (b. bef. 1719) &. Phebe KING> Mercy EDDY & Abiah ANGELL, Jr

Michelle Moore George John> Peleg> Job> Isaac> William> Phoebe Tripp Harding> Mahala Harding> Joseph Warren Field> Nellie Elnora Field> Ottoline Young> Shirley Spragg (my mother)> Michelle Moore George (me)

Dale McNeelis John> Peleg> Job> Isaac> Job> John F.> David Ralph> Zacheous Lester> James William> Martin Olvy> Darlene (Tripp) McNeelis> James Dale McNeelis

Harriett Bronson John> Peleg> Job> Isaac> Isaac> Isaac> Isaac> Flora Tripp & Simeon Bronson

Carlie Ann Weston John> Peleg> Job> Isaac Sr.> Wm. Tripp> Phoebe Tripp> Wm. Tripp Harding> Eldridge T. Harding> Charles Fremont Harding> Pearl May Harding> Floyd Edson Weston> Floyd Elmer Weston> Carlie Ann Weston (me).

Tim Kilburn John & Mary Ann Paine Tripp> Peleg & Anne Sisson Tripp> Job I & Mehitable ? Tripp> Job II & Sarah Weeden Tripp> Peregrine & Martha Boss Tripp> Pedigreene & Isabella Sprague Tripp> Silas II & Sarah Tripp Moore> Bartholomew P. & Ann Frances Wood Moore> Edward M. & Mae M. Blakeney Moore> Richard G. & Majorie E. Moore Kilburn (my grandparents). If anyone has a clue as to Mehitable, Job I wife’s surname please let me know?

Joanne Kessler John Tripp> Peleg Tripp> Job Tripp> Job Tripp> Peregrine Tripp> Susannah Tripp> Samuel Underwood> Samuel Underwood> Clemson Underwood> Naomi Kessler> Lloyd Kessler> Joanne Kessler

Nancy McCarty John> Peleg> Job> Job> Peregrine> Bridget.

Sat Siri John> Peleg> Job> Peregrine> Suzannah (Tripp) Underwood> Perry Greene Underwood> Weeden Tripp Underwood> William James Underwood> Weeden Tripp Underwood> John Burns Underwood> Virginia (Underwood) Austin> Me.

Paula Miller John Tripp & Mary Paine> Peleg Tripp & Anne Sisson> Peleg Tripp & Mary Gardiner>Caleb Tripp & Mary Everitt> Peleg Tripp & Mary Samist> Noah Tripp & Anna Clark> Sylvia Tripp & Benjamin Castle Taylor II> Paul Kyes Taylor> Paul Kay Taylor> Me.

Theresa Wilson John> Peleg> Job> Peleg> Caleb Major> Everitt> Job Elliot> Esquire> Richard> Leona>

Maria DeMoss Troutman John> Peleg

Larry Joe Tripp John> Peleg> Isaac> Isaac (2)> William> William(2)> Oliver Ticen Tripp> Joseph Worden Tripp> Warren Pershing Tripp> Me.

Glenn Alan Harrison John> Peleg> Job>  Isaac Sr.> Isaac Jr.> Amassa> Henry Sr.> Henry Jr.> Addie Tripp Dersham>  me (Addie’s g-grandson)

Belinda Carroll  John Tripp & Mary Paine> Peleg Tripp & Anne Sisson> Job Tripp & Elizabeth Sweet> Isaac Tripp & Sarah Dow> Isaac Dow Tripp & Marina Martha Wall> William Henry August Tripp Sr & Catherine Holbert> William Henry Augustus Tripp II & Nancy A Roby> Betsy Elizabeth Tripp & Alexander Livingston> Holden Livingston & Pauline Seckinger> Charles Raymond Livingston & Myrtle Mae Book> Audrey June Livingston & Alfred Francis Wilce> Alfred Thomas Wilce & Carol Lynn Douthit> Belinda Wilce Carroll (me) & Neil Thomas Carroll

Jennifer (Bumgarner) Albright John> Peleg> Job> Isaac> Isaac Dow> William HA I> William HA II> John Russell> Arthur William> Arthur Russell> Linda (Bumgarner) Tripp> Me.

Amy Tripp-Pfahler John Tripp> Peleg Tripp> Job Tripp> Isaac Tripp Sr.> Isaac D. Tripp Jr.> Stephen Tripp> Horace Tripp>Lora Stone Tripp>Cyrus Lora Tripp>Donald A. Tripp> Gordon A. Tripp (my Dad)

Jeff Hackett John> Peleg> Job> Isaac> Henry Dow> Isaac Dow> Daniel> Hiram> Ulysses Grant Tripp> Rena who is my grandmother.

Rhonda Sekhmet John> Peleg>Job> Isaac Sr.> Isaac Jr.> William> William Henry Augustus> John Russell> Carey A. Sr.> Carey A.> Carey N.> me.

William C. Jones John> Peleg> Job> Isaac> Isaac> Stephen> Harriet & Samuel Church> James Church> James S. Church> Wilmot Church> Curtis Church> Judith Church Jones

Roger Luce Walter John> Peleg> Job> Isaac> Isaac> Elizabeth & William Case.

Michael Disorbo John> Peleg> Job> Job> Peleg> Noah> Mary

Sharon Anthony Connors John/Mary> Peleg/Anne Sisson> Thomas Rogers / Anne> Anna Rogers / Mr George> Thomas George / Freelove Coggeshall> Sarah George / Joseph Rogers> John Rogers / Ann Manchester> Sarah Ann Rogers / Noel Coggeshall> Charlotte Coggeshall / James Anthony> Alfred Coggeshall Anthony / Flora Stedman Sisson> James H. Anthony Sr / Evelyn I. Dykeman> My father/mother> Me.

Descendants of Third Son: Joseph

Harriet Tripp O’Neal John Tripp> Joseph Tripp> Jonathan Tripp> Joseph Tripp> Job Tripp> Lemuel Tripp> Hervey Tripp> Hervey F. Tripp> Henry Slocum Tripp>Harriet (Tripp) O’Neal

Glen Edward Tripp John> Joseph> Jonathan> Joseph> Job> Lemuel> George Francis> Edward> Carver (my Father)

Tina Tripp Crowder John & Mary Paine> Joseph Tripp> Peleg Tripp> John W Tripp> John Tripp> William Tripp> Wiley Tripp> John Ellis Tripp> Thomas Wilson Tripp> Edward M. Tripp> Edgar Earl Tripp> Tina Tripp (me)> Paul Tripp (my son).

Janice Tripp Gurganus Caleb(?) Tripp> Joshua Tripp, Sr.> Joshua Tripp, Jr.> Leon Tripp> Janice Deane Tripp (Gurganus)

Joyce Miller John, 1610> Joseph,1644> Peleg, 1673> Othniel, 1697> Samuel, 1727> Stephen, 1756> Samuel, 1788> George Fox,1813> Franklin, 1836> Evelyn Frances, 1869 (My Grandmother)

Debra Gedney Carpenter John Tripp> Joseph Tripp> Peleg Tripp> Othniel Tripp> Samuel Tripp> Stephen Tripp> Samuel Tripp> Laban Tripp> Frank Elmer Ellsworth Tripp> Frank Elmer Tripp> Irene Estelle Tripp> Me.

Daniel Thomas Sarver John> Joseph> Peleg> Benoni> Acus> William> Cogshall R.> Charles R.> Daniel R.> Earl> Carol Joy Tripp Sarver> Daniel Thomas Sarver

Diane Prosser Feindt John> Joseph> Peleg> Benoni> Acus> William> Daniel> Mary Melissa Tripp, b. 16-Aug-1844, Cicero, NY , Mar. Albert Henry Prosser> Birney Erwin Prosser> Birney Erwin Prosser> Diane Alison Prosser Mar. Carl William Feindt.

Philip Emery Tripp Daniel Tripp & Mary “Polly” Stancliff> David Tripp & Margret Schreck> Garner Moffitt Tripp & Arminda Josephine Knapp> Jesse Thomas Tripp & Theodocia “Docia” Ida Emery> John Garner Tripp & Laura Thomas> Me.

Doris Miller Charles Tripp & Jane Woodworth (1761-1844)> Jonathan Tripp (1793-1885)> Hiram Samuel Tripp (1828-1909)> Clara Tripp (1867-1943)> Eva Ruth Lamb (1885-1985)> Edna Cook (1908-1973)> Vivian Ruth Williams (1927-2013)

Polly Perez John> Joseph> Ebenezer> Jonathan> Jabez>Charles> Ezra> Edward> John Henry> Edward> Gail> Pauline (Me)

Edward John Tripp Charles Tripp & Jane Woodworth> Ezra Tripp and Catherine Biloe> Samuel Tripp and Mary Roden> Samuel Tripp & Ester Cashman> John E. Tripp I & Bernice Perry> John II and Pearl> Me (Edward John Tripp)

Margret Jennings Charles Tripp & Jane Woodworth> Ezra Tripp & Catharine Bilow> Daniel Tripp & Cecilia Alger> Francis Gordon Tripp> Walter Gordon Tripp> Me.

Marg McLaughlin Charles Tripp & Jane Woodworth> Ezra Tripp and Catherine Bilow> Samuel Tripp & Kate Matheson> Charlotte
Tripp & James Gilchrist> May Gilchrist & Harold Chambers> June Chambers & Charles Cavanagh> Me

Gary William Tripp Charles Tripp & Jane Woodworth> Ezra Tripp and Catherine Bilow> Isaac Tripp & Mary Elizabeth Butts> Edmund Claude Tripp &A my Catherine Vent> Bascom W. Tripp> Me.

Hugh McGoldrick Charles Tripp & Jane Woodworth> Lydia Tripp & Daniel Zufelt>  William H. Zufelt>  William O. Zufelt> …> Bertram> Rebecca Anne> Hugh McGoldrick

Jan Elwin Tripp Charles Tripp & Jane Woodworth> Joseph Tripp & Charlottte Chatterson> James Tripp & Mary Wilsey> George Elwin Tripp & Mary Ethel Fulford> Kenneth Edward Tripp & Beth Marie Trucks> Me.

Karin Collasius John Tripp> Joseph> Ebenezer> Ebenezer> Ebenezer> Nathaniel> David> Ezra> George> Elton> Elton> Karin.

Jeanne Murdock Tripp John> Joseph> Ebenezer> Ebenezer> Meribah & cousin James> Philip> Stephen> Almanza> Stephen> Almanza> Dennis> David.

Barbara Travers John> Joseph> Ebenezer> Caleb> Joshua> Caleb> Bethia & Micah Dean> John Phillip Dean> Mary & George Kanuse> Florence & Walter Knott> Grace & George Sulivan> Me.

Leon Tripp John> Joseph> Ebenezer> David> David> Ezekiel,> Alexander Allen> Alexander A. Jr.> Myron Alexander> Me.

Leona (Galligan) Cote Mary Paine & John Tripp> Joseph Tripp & Mehitable Fish> Ebenezer Tripp & Abigail Cudworth> David Tripp & Hannah Waite> David Tripp & Lucy Tripp> Stephen Tripp & Patience Potter> David Tripp & Lucy Tripp> James B Tripp & Patience Potter> Stephen Tripp & Nancy Waite. David> David Tripp and Mary Jane Tripp> Frederick Allen Tripp & Freeborn Briggs Pettey> Lucy A Tripp & Frederick Thomas Galligan> Frederick Thomas Galligan Jr.> Me.

Richard Knight John> Joseph> Ebenezer> John> Phebe Tripp & Prince Howland> Abner Howland> Elizabeth Betsey Howland & George Washington Gifford> Abby Ann Gifford & John Cruickshank Milne> Mary Jane Milne & Henry Smith Fenner> Laura Fenner & Richard Greene Howland Knight> Richard Greene Howland Knight Jr.> (me) Richard Greene Howland Knight III> (my sons) Christopher Greene Knight and Benjamin Fenner Knight []

Larry Alexander John> Joseph> Abiel> Lydia> John Macomber> Wesson> Benjamin> Daniel> Sarah Ann> Candace

Tracy Hogan John> Joseph> Abiel> Mary> John> Joseph> Mary> John> Mary.

Moses Jones John> Joseph 1644> Abiel 1681> Abiel Jr 1717>Rufus 1749> Robert 1770> Robert T 1806> Charles M 1833> Alfred N 1869> Ida Lucy Tripp 1903> Malcolm Fairbanks Jones 1933> Me.

Andy Tripp John> Joseph> Abiel> Abiel> Rufus> Rufus> Robert Carr> Robert Carr> Robert Carr> Elmer Lane> Marenes Robert> (Me)

Dan Tripp John> Joseph> Abiel> Abiel> Rufus> Rufus> Robert Carr> Robert Carr> Robert Carr> Elmer Lane> Marenes Robert> (Me)

Robert Tripp John > Joseph > Abiel > Abiel > Rufus > Rufus > Robert Carr > Robert Carr > Robert Carr > Robert Morgan > Irving > (me)

Mary Gilkison John> Joseph> Abiel> Abiel> Rufus> Rufus> Job> David C> Raymond G> Dorothy Elizabeth> Me.

Kevin Hoeg John Tripp & Mary Paine> Joseph Tripp & Mehetable Fish> Abiel Tripp & Anne Davis> Alice Tripp & Moses Hoag. Moses is my 5th g-grand uncle.

Albert W. Tripp II John> Joseph> Joseph> Benjamin> Preserved> James 1778> Jame 1809> Fredrick Slade> James Bertram> Albert W.> (Me)

William Tripp John> Joseph> Joseph> Benjamin> Othniel> Othniel A.> Jarvis W.> Cyrus B.> Lester B.> g-father> father> William (Me)

Dawn Geisler  John (Mary Paine)> Joseph (Mehitable Fish)> Joseph (Elizabeth Smith)> Philip S (Sarah Wood)> Edmund W (Sarah Estes)> Benjamin F (Nancy Case?)> James M (Rhoda Ann Haskins)> Harriet L (Almon C Bacone)> Arthur Bacone (Ada Sheckler)> Everett Bacone (Lorraine Feierstein)> Dorothy Bacone (Richard Evenhouse)> Dawn Evenhouse (Robert Geisler)

Clifford Jerome Ocheltree III John> Joseph> Daniel> David Tripp & Hannah [Tripp] Devol> Joshua Devol> William Devol> William Gordon Devol> Elmer Ellsworth Devol [of Cook County, Illinois]> Clyde Leonard Devol> Daisy Florence (Devol) Ocheltree> Me. []

Linda DeMay John> Joseph> James> Isaac> James> Thankful> Benjamin> Howard> Lewis> RoseMarie.

Katie Parker DeGregorio  John Tripp & Mary Paine>  Joseph Tripp & Mehitable Fish> James Tripp &  Lydia Lawton>  James Tripp & Anna Cook> Anthony Tripp & Mary Birdsall> Daniel Tripp & Mary Palmer> James Tripp and [-?-]>  John Tripp & Abigail Dorland> Gilbert Tripp & Lydia Martin> Clyde Tripp & Pearl VanBuskirk>  Crystal Tripp  & Paul Stuart,> Dale Stuart & Eugene Parker> Me.

Judith Hoffman  John> Joseph> Ebenezer> Alice> Phebe Manchester> Phebe Wait> Walter Shaw> Daniel W. Shaw> Ellsworth W. Shaw> Robert E Shaw> Me.

2nd Line: John> Joseph> Ebenezer> Theodote> Daniel Wait> Walter Shaw> Daniel W. Shaw> Ellsworth W. Shaw> Robert E. Shaw > Me.
*Ebenezer’s daughters Alice Tripp and Theodote Tripp had children who married first cousins, Phebe Manchester and Daniel Wait.

Descendants of First Daughter: Mary

John & Barbara Cook John Tripp/Mary Paine> Mary Tripp/ Gershom Wodell> Gershom Wodell/Sahar Mott> William Wodell/Elizabeth Borden> Innocent Wodell/Samson Sherman> Abner Sherman/Hannah Mosher or Spooner> Anthony Sherman/Susan Chase> Asenath Sherman/Leonard Chase> Betsey Chase/Esaias R. Swain> Mary Ida May Swain(my grandmother)/Albert B. Cook> Edward E. Cook/Eleanor F. Robinson> John M. Cook/Barbara R. Jones.

Carol Brundage John Tripp & Mary Paine> Mary Tripp & Gershom Wardell> Gershom Wardell & Sarah Mott> Gershom Wardell & Mary Gage> Mary Wardell & Peleg Taber> Elizabeth Taber & Sylvester Craver> Benjamin Craver & Catherine Swindley> Maude Craver & Cleveland Hemenway> Geraldine Hemenway & William Brundige> William Brundige & Marie Roy> Carol Brundige & John Striniste

Jeff Smith John Tripp> Mary (Tripp) Wodell> Elizabeth (Wodell) Manchester> Ruth (Manchester) Potter> Zabdiel Potter> Zabdiel Potter Jr> William Potter> Lucy Bruff (Potter) Richardson> Ann Webb Sipple (Richardson) Griffith> Ann Josephine (Griffith) Smith> Leo Reginald Smith> Leo Reginald Smith Jr> me

Jeanne Murdock Tripp John> Mary> Freelove Wodell> Samson Sherman-Job Sherman-Abner Sherman-Wanton Sherman> Joseph> Sherman-Esther> Vienna Sherman & Stephen Tripp)> Almanza> Dennis> David.

Jim Humphrey John> Mary Tripp & Gersham Wadell> Innocent Wadell & Richard Borden> John Borden & Hannah Allen> Hannah Borden & Charles Wilbor> Isaac Wilbor & Hannah Tabor> Eliphal Wilbor & William Humphrey, Jr.> Squire Samuel Humphrey *2nd Wife of Squire Samuel Humphrey & Cemilda> William Henry Humphrey & Edith Melissa White> Paul James Humphrey & Verna Lucille Brown> Individual Still Living & Individual Still Living> Jim Humphrey []

Sherry Taylor Norton John Tripp> Mary Tripp & Gersham Wadell> Innocent Wadell & Richard Borden> John Borden &Hannah Allen> Hannah Borden & Charles Wilbor> Isaac Wilbor & Hannah Tabor> Eliphal Wilbor & William Humphrey, Jr> Patience Wilbur Humphrey> Sarah “Sadie” Normanda Bailey *2nd Husband of Sarah “Sadie” Normanda Bailey & John Harry Fox> Ella Wilbur Fox & Thomas Franklin “Pop” Taylor> Individual still Living & Individual still Living> Sherry Taylor Norton

Lillian Crawley John> Mary (Tripp) Wodell, & Gershom Wardell (Wodell)> Innocent Wardel & Richard Borden abt. 1692.

Descendants of Second Daughter: Elizabeth

M. Susan Hall John> Elizabeth

Descendants of Third Daughter: Alice

Rebecca Casey John Tripp> John Jr> Alice Tripp-John Hall> George Hall Sr> George Hall Jr> Reuben Hall> Phoebe Hall> George Henry Hackett Hall> Victor Hall> Frances Banes> Virginia Martin> Me (10th ggrandaughter of Alice)

Barbara van Vlack John> Alice (Tripp) and William Hall, II> William Hall, III and Sarah Tibbits> John Hall and Ruth Reynolds> Benjamin Hall and his first wife Elizabeth Skidmore> Mary Hall and Jonathan Gidley> Eilzabeth Gidley and Jan (John) A. van Vleckeren (Van Vlack)> Daniel A. Van Vlack and Jane Wiley> George W. Van Vlack and Mariette Amelia Merrill> Lynn R. Van Vlack and Florence Ada Harmon Russell R. Van Vlack and Corrine Linnea Peterson> Barbara van Vlack (me)

Christa Hughes John> Alice & William Hall> Deliverance Hall & Captain Ishmael Spinks> Sarah Spinks & Joshua Gardiner> Samuel Gardiners & ELizabeth [-?-]> Jabez Gardiner & Mary Boone> Emeline Gardiner & Captain John Mirise> Nancy Jane “Jennie” Mirise & William Harrison Hughes> Frank Gardner Hughes & [-?-] William Clay Hughes Sr.

Jen Vancik John Tripp> Alice Tripp & William Hall> Deliverance Hall & Ishmael Spink> Benjamin Spink & Jane Wightman> Rebecca (Waite) Spink & Matthew Cooper Jr> Mary Cooper & Abraham Moon Sr> … > me.

Lee Squire descendant of 3rd daughter Alice my 7th g-grandmother.

Barbara Payne Douglas John> John> Alice Tripp m. William Hall> John Hall> Preserved Hall> John Hall I> John Hall II> Daniel Webster Hall I> D.W. Hall II> Laura Hall m. Elmer Allport> Lena Allport m. Earl Manwaring> Anita Manwaring m. Thomas Payne> Barbara Payne m. Lawrence Douglas


Descendants of Fourth Daughter: Isabel

John & Barbara Cook John Tripp & Mary Paine> Isabell Tripp & Sampson Sherman> Sarah Sherman & Joseph Chase> Moses Chase & Alice Sherman> Grissell Chase & Johnathan Baker> Johnathan Baker & Elizabeth Butterworth> Ebenezer Baker & Mary Sherman> Eliza Baker & Philip B. Cook> Alexander G. Cook & Emily J. Bennett> Albert B. Cook (my grandfather) & Mary Ida May Swain> Edward E. Cook & Eleanor Foster Robinson> John M. Cook & Barbara R. Jones.

Descendants of Fourth Son: Abiel

Rhonda Schneider John> Abiel> Abiel> Thomas> William> James> John Perigo> Sarah Catherine> Willard B. Anderson> Kenneth Brown Anderson> Richard Homer Anderson> Rhonda (Anderson) Schneider. Also from the same Tripp descendants: My 2nd connection. Willard B. Anderson & Mary Brown. Mary’s grandmother was a sister to Willard’s mother. This is very confusing but from the information we obtained from Herman Tripp this is so. It’s so confusing. Rhonda (Anderson) Tripp> Richard Homer Anderson> Kenneth Brown Anderson> Mary (nmn) Brown> Martha Hopkins> Demaris Tripp> John Perigo Tripp> James Tripp> William Tripp> Thomas Tripp> Abiel Tripp “The Ferry Master”> Abiel Tripp b 1653> John Tripp “The Founder” spouse of Mary Paine

Mark L. Fields John Tripp> Abiel

Fred Tripp John Tripp & Mary Paine> Abiel Tripp & Delverance Hall> Abiel Tripp & Eleanor Waite> Thomas Tripp & Tamson Witherall> William Tripp & Philadalphia Wilcox> Jonathan Tripp & Olive Tripp> Benajah Tripp & Jane Mary O’Dell> Asa W. Tripp & Anna/Hanna Pettis> Frederick S. Tripp & Mary Jane Spears> John D. C. Tripp & Margaret Delight Robbins> Fred Freeman Tripp Sr.> Fred Freeman Tripp Jr.

Daniel McLalin John Tripp & Mary Paine> Abiel Tripp & Delverance Hall> Abiel Tripp & Eleanor Waite> Thomas Tripp & Tamson Witherall> William Tripp & Philadalphia Wilcox> Jonathan Tripp & Olive Odell> Thomas Tripp & Nancy Stevenson>James Tripp & Emily Beebe> Milton Roy Tripp & Culia Henry> Cecile Tripp & Elmer McLalin. My grandparents.

Jerry Howe John> Abiel> Abiel> Thomas> William James- Charles- Charles-Murray-Leon-Jerry Howe

Janet Grace John> John> John> Abiel> Abiel Tripp & Hannah Mosher> Philip Tripp & Lydia Taber> Job Tripp & ?> Perry Green Tripp & Mary Philena Ives> Charles Enos Tripp & Libby VanCleve> Mary Aletha Tripp & Gilford Arthur Johnson> Helen Johnson & Cecil Kimbleton> Janet Kimbleton Grace []

Descendants of Fifth Son: James

Gail Bruch John> James

Patrick Darren Deuel John> James> John> Timothy> Rebecca> Benjamin Deuel> Joseph> James> William> James> James

Herbert L. Tripp John Tripp & Mary Paine> James Tripp & Mary L.> John Tripp & Rebecca> Timothy Tripp & Susanna Wilburn> Samuel Tripp & Mary Howard> John Tripp & Sara Duell> Egbert Tripp> Benjamin Leland Tripp> Charles Tripp> Victor Tripp> Herbert Leland Tripp

Christine Edwards John> James> John> Timothy> Samuel> John D.> Isaac> Robert Lawson> Isaac> Ida> Graham Thomson> me.


Neil Rouse John Tripp> Ensign James Tripp> Israel Tripp> Thankfull Tripp> Sarah A. Clark> Clark Edward Rouse> Elmer Rouse> Dudley Horace Rouse> Me.

Tammy Ebert >John> James> Isaac> James> Job> John> Sanford> Otis> Francis (my grandfather)> Patricia> Me.

Karen Andrew John> James> John> Ruth Tripp (m. 1737 to Josiah Bull)> Josiah> Amos> John> Charles H.> Charles A.> Doreen Bull (m. Norman Andrew)> Randolph> me.

Curt Watke John Tripp-Mary Paine> James Tripp-Mercy Lawton> John Tripp-Rebecca Spooner> Josiah Bull-Ruth Tripp> Josiah Bull-Mehetabel Thomas> Amos Bull-Martha Cunningham> George Bull-Phoebe Catherine Leavens> William Albert Jarmin-Sophronia Bull> Fred Jolly Strain-Bertha Marie Jarmin> George E. McMeekin-Pearl Strain> Rev. Dr. Edward Frederick Watke Jr.-Joyce Elma McMeekin> Me

William Q. Tripp, Jr. John>James>John Tripp-Rebecca Spooner>Timothy Tripp-Susanna Wilbur>Samuel Tripp-Mary Howard>Wesson Tripp-Hanna Tompkins>Charles Tripp>Howard Tripp-Clara Edwards>William Q. Tripp-Anna Lorraine McCrodden>William Q. Tripp-Lillian Valentine(my dad and mom)>William Q. Tripp Jr.-Loretta Ashton (that’s me)

Carrie Ann Tripp John (b. 1610)> James (b. 1656)> Robert (b. 1691)> Robert (b. 1720)> Charles (b. 1742)> David (b. 1763)> Charles (b. 1792)> Soloman (b. 1833)> Daniel (b. 1863)> Ralph (b. 1896)> Darrell (b. 1922)> Glenn (b. 1950)> Me

Greg Tripp John> John> James> Robert> Gideon> Anthony> Almeron> Charles> Marvin> Warren> Gregory

Laurie Simms John> James> Robert> Gideon> Robert UE> Samuel> Robert>Robert Smith Tripp.

Warren Tripp John> James> Robert> Gideon> Robert UE> Samuel> Robert.

Mary Tripp Milbert John> James> Robert> Gideon> Robert UE> Samuel> Frederik> Samuel> Samuel Cyrus> Clair> Earl> Me

Russell Tripp  John> James > Robert > Gideon > Robert > Samuel > Archibald > Sydney > Harlow

Carey (Hawks) Heistand John Tripp & Mary Paine> James Tripp & Lydia> Robert Tripp & Alice Anthony> Gideon R. Tripp & Amy Shippee> Robert Tripp & Patience Harrington> Samuel Tripp & Elizabeth Cunning> Lucy Tripp & Joseph O’Rourke> Lousia J. O’Rourke & Uriah Goldthorp> William Goldthorpe & Elizabeth A. Haywood> Alice E. Goldthorpe & Lin P. Kinsman> Hattie May Kinsman & Don E. Hawks/Hawke> Me.

Alan David Tripp John Tripp & Mary Paine> James Tripp & Lydia> Robert Tripp & Alice Anthony> Gideon Tripp & Amey Shippee> Stephen Tripp & Rheuma Miller> David Tripp & Sophia Webster> David Tripp & Emily Mayo> Elmer David Tripp & Clara Horton> Clyde Clarence Tripp & Mary Katherine Chaney> Harold David Tripp & Edna Smook> Me.

John Douglas John> James> Robert> Gideon> Stephen> David> Ralph Otis> David Benjamin> Roy Benjamin> Douglas Roy> John Douglas (Me)

Tim Hamburg John & Mary> James & Lydia> Robert & Alice> Gideon & Amy> David & Mary> Nathan & Mary> Edwin & Almaretta> Edwin Tripp & Anna Elizabeth Mcvey> Lena Tripp (my 2g-grandmother)> me.

Zephram Tripp John Tripp > James Tripp > Robert Tripp > Gideon Tripp > David Tripp > Nathan Tripp > David Henry Tripp > Charles Henry Tripp > Charles Leonard Tripp > Leonard Henry Tripp > Leonard Lee Tripp > Justin Leonard Tripp > Me.

Mike Carter John> James> …. Solomon Tripp (1873-1961)> Frieda (Tripp) (Thomason) Laymance> Janice (Thomason) Carter> Mike.

Jen Campbell John> James> …. Solomon Tripp (1873-1961)> Frieda (Tripp) (Thomason) Laymance> Janice (Thomason) Carter> Linda (Carter) Jennings> Jen

Elizabeth Wilson Waltman John Tripp> James> Robert> Gideon> David> Nathan> Lucy Helen Tripp> Mary Edna Belle Kirk> Helen Aline Yates> Stephen Tripp Wilson Sr.> Me.

Peter G. Tripp John> James> Robert> Robert> Joseph> William> Guy> Frank

Alton Parker Tripp Jr. John> James> Robert> Robert> Joseph> William Henry> Edwin Reade> Alton Parker

Kimberly Mitchell John> James> Robert> Gideon> Gideon> Gideon> Dier Tripp & Sally Hammond> Nancy Tripp & Erastus Mitchell Jr.> Ernest Mitchell & Daisy Boldon> Virgil Mitchell & Louise McCumber> Kimberly Mitchell (Thats Me)

Linda Flores John Tripp & Mary Paine> James Tripp & Mercy Lawton & Elizabeth Cudsworth> Robert Tripp Sr. & Alice Anthony> Anthony Tripp & Mary S. Rye> John Tripp & Mary Cynthia ?> Reuben Tripp & Francis ?> John Tripp & Fanny Manuel> Sarah Jane Tripp & Solomon Crouch.

Douglas Tripp John> James> Robert> Gideon> Stephen> David> Ralph> David Benjamin> Roy> Douglas (me).

Sharon Tripp Burch John> James> Robert> Gideon> Anthony> Alvah> David Blakeley> William Lincoln> Earnest Daum> Calvin Coolidge> me.

Thomas H. Starks John> James> Robert> Gideon> Stephen> ?

Richard W. Tripp, Jr. [John>] James> Robert> Robert> Joseph> William Henry> Edwin Reade> Richard W.> Richard W. Tripp, Jr.

Kindel Booth John> James> Robert> Robert> Joseph> William> Josephus> Ruth> Kathy> Me

Christina Thompson Mueller John> James> James> Anthony> John> John> Benjamin> Nancy Tripp & Alfred Thompson> Henry Weaver Thompson> Iva Thompson & Henry Osthagen> Thora Osthagen & Grant Thompson> me

Scott Camassar John> James> James> Anthony> John> Daniel> Daniel Akin> Edward Wells & Carrie Hollister> Mary Eliza Tripp Bishop; g-grandmother of Scott Camassar’s wife.

Jo Ann E. Andrews John> James> Mary> Daniel Goddard> John> Thomas> Thomas> James> Susan Richmond Shepley> Elizabeth Harry Andrews> Harry> Jo Ann

Karen Tripp Martin John> James> Francis> Isaac> Isaac> Isaac> Algerine> Isaac> Isaac> Isaac> Me.

Frederick Tripp John> James> Francis> Isaac> James> Benjamin> James> George> Frederick> Harold> Me.

Keith Andrew Mosher   has 3 Tripp g-grandparents as well as his mother:

  1. John & Mary Paine> James & Elizabeth Cudworth> Francis & Waitstill Chase> Isaac & Edith Russell> James & Patience Devol> Benjamin & Elizabeth Butts> Lurana & David Mosher> Andrew Mosher & Carrie Sanford> Lester Mosher & A. Evelyn Tripp> Everett “Barney” Mosher & Mary Sheldon> Me.
  2. John& Mary Paine> Joseph & Mehitable Fish> Joseph & Elizabeth Smith> Joseph & Judith Mosher> Weston & Comfort Potter> Jonathan & Alice Devol> Howard & Emily Gifford> Emily & David Sanford> Carrie Sanford & Andrew Mosher > Lester Mosher & A. Evelyn Tripp> Everett “Barney” Mosher & Mary Sheldon> Me
  3. John & Mary Paine> James> Francis> Isaac> James> Benjamin & Elizabeth Butts> James & Christina Soule> George & Hannah Macomber> A.Evelyn Tripp & Lester Mosher> Everett “Barney” Mosher & Mary Sheldon> Me

Jerilyn A. (Benjamin) Jordan 1. John> James> Francis> Isaac> *Francis> Francis> Phebe A. (Tripp) Smith> James H. Smith> David W. Smith & Dorothy L. Macomber> Marcia G. (Smith) Benjamin> Jerilyn A. (Benjamin) Jordan 2. John> James> Francis> Isaac> *John> Eli B.> Lydia K. (Tripp) Macomber> Macy Macomber & Laura J. Tripp> Dana B. Macomber> Dorothy L. & David W. Smith> Marcia G. (Smith) Benjamin> Jerilyn A. (Benjamin) Jordan 3. John> James> Francis> Isaac> *Isaac> David R.> Eli F.> Laura J. & Macy Macomber> Dana B.. Macomber> Dorothy L. & David W. Smith> Marcia G. (Smith) Benjamin> Jerilyn A. (Benjamin) Jordan. [] *All sons of Isaac Tripp 1736, who have distant family members who married each other.

Stacy Warner John> James> Francis> Isaac> Stephen> Lyman> Stephen T.> John L.> Marjorie L. Tripp & John Fearing II>John Fearing III & Lucy Maxim> Doris Fearing & Gregory Warner> Me

Charles Nelson Tripp John Tripp> James> Francis> Isaac> Stephen> Jotham Round> Laommi Green> Gordon R.> Nelson Robin Macomber> Richard Franklin> Wayne> Me.

Edward St. Pierre John> James> Francis> Isaac> Stephen> Jotham Rounds> Oliver Potter> Agnes Gilmore> Esther Albertine Brant> Russell St. Pierre> Me.

Janet Frances Santos Sparks John> James> Francis> Isaac> Stephen> Jotham Rounds> Oliver Potter> Peace Elizabeth> Lillian LeBeau> Emily DeMello> Janet Santos

Kevin Anderson John> James> Francis> Isaac> Isaac> Edwin> Clarissa Tripp> Harriet Vickery> Nellie Vickery> Eleanor Poutray> Joan Mudge> Me

Richard W. Gifford John> James> Francis> Isaac> Stephen> Jotham Round> Laommi Green> Mabel Adelaide &Abner Bradford Kirby> Delphine/ Dellaphine/Delaphean Kirby &Walter Gifford> Adelbert F.Gifford &Jeannette Belanger> Richard W. Gifford

Bob Maehre John Tripp> James Tripp> Francis> Charity> Joseph Soule> George B. Soule> Phoebe Ann Soule> Charles A Collins> Conn Collins (my grandfather)

Gloria Smith Coder John> James> Francis> Isaac> Mary & Howard Tripp> David Howard & Sarah Catherine Cornell. Sarah’s brother, John B. Cornell is my direct line.

Malcolm Allen Tripp John> James> Stephen> Nathaniel> Gideon> Hagerman> Guy Leavitt> Fred Hagerman> Delbert> George Hagerman> Me.

Sandi Lampella John Tripp & Mary Paine> James Tripp & Elizabeth Cudworth> Israel Tripp & Elizabeth Bentley> Thankful Tripp & John J. Cooke> Sanuel T. Cook & Amanda Hunt> Thomas A Cook & Olive J. Foulston> Thomas J. Cook & Elizabeth M. Lembeck> Esther B. Cook & Ludvig B. Hendrickson> Viola B. Hendrickson & Wayne J. Lampella> Sandra Lampella & Gerald Altman.

Noreen Hudson John> James> Francis> Isaac> Isaac> Isaac> Algerine> Isaac> John> Wallace> Noreen Tripp-Hudson

Laurel M Johnson John & Mary> James > James> Anthony > John > Charles > Johnathan> Charles > Emma> Everett Johnson > Lawrence Johnson > Me.

Richard Beck John > James> Isaac> James> Abner> George> Wanton Walter A.> Nomer Norman Frazier> Clare Dewey> Myra Jean (Tripp) Beck > me.

Descendants of Fifth Daughter: Martha

John & Barbara Cook John Tripp &Mary Paine> Martha Tripp & Samuel Sherman> John Sherman &Grissell Fish> John Sherman & Abigail Cornell> Samuel Sherman & Susanna Pearce> George S. Sherman & Elizabeth Cornell> Ira M. Sherman & Harriet R. Allen> Elmer E. Sherman & Mary E. Briggs> Julia I. Sherman & Wendell I. Gregory> Ruth M. Gregory & Albert Jones> Barbara R. Jones(my wife) & John M. Cook.

Barbara Knopp Reynolds John Tripp & Mary Paine> Martha Tripp & Samuel Sherman> Michael Sherman & Susanna Duke> Susannah Duke Sherman & Zachariah Nance> Zachariah Nance II & Jane Wilkinson> Zachariah Nance & Emeline Latham> Philina Nance & Robert Litterbury Adams> James Eaton Adams & Lelia Cora Hayes> Sarah Elizabeth Adams & Ernest Knopp> Irwin Knopp & Beatrice Eleanor Rainey> Barbara Knopp Reynolds

Descendants of Sylvanus Tripp

Recent DNA testing of Sylvanus’ male descendants shows that Sylvanus is genetically unrelated to John Tripp of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Sylvanus Tripe was an early immigrant, weaver, and resident of Kittery, Maine (then Massachusetts.)

Steven Dundas Tripp Sylvanus> William> William> William> Joseph> Benjamin> Benjamin> Benjamin> Robert> Sylvanus

John A. (Jack) Tripp Jr. Sylvanus> Robert> Benjamin> Jedediah> Hiram> Alonzo> Frank> John> Me

Jane Carroll Tripp Sylvanus> Robert> William> Thomas> Thomas> Mark> Mark H.> John Carroll> Me.

Gregory Anthony Sylvanus> Robert> William> Thomas> Isaiah> George W.> Horiato Jones> Eugene Lowell> Gregory Anthony

Mary Elizabeth Brown Sylvanus> Robert> William Sr.> William Jr.> Enoch Bartlett> Naamah Cahoon.

Becky Smith Sylvanus> Robert>William Sr.> William Jr.> Enoch Bartlett> Joseph Willard> John Owen, my mother Viola Lucy> Me.

Jocelyn Brown Sylvanus> Robert> William> William> Enoch Bartlett> Lewis Edgar> Ella Tripp & Erick Varian Mortenson. ( my grandparents)

Cathy Stover Kimball/Tripp family line is; Clyde Gardner KIMBALL, (Clyde Albert, John Gardner, John Tripp, Luther Kimball) Luther KIMBALL & Eunice Tripp (Benjamin, Robert, Sylvanus) []

Rae Schwendiman Sylvanus> Robert> William> William Jr.> Enoch> Enoch> Clyde> Sharron who & Jack Morgan/who had 3 daughters. Summer-Rae (me), Catherine and Robbin. I am & to Daren B. Schwendiman and we have 6 children. Morgan, Liberty, Elizabeth, Justin, Daniel and Rudolph.

Charles Carter Alvin Baron Tripp (1810 – 1887) married Almira Carter (1808 – 1894) on January 15, 1829 in Newry, Oxford Co., ME.
Almira is the daughter of John Carter (1782 – 1852) and Hannah Knight Libby Carter (1786 – 1867)

Descendants of Nicholas Tripp (1720-1791) of NC/SC

Recent DNA testing suggests that the Nicholas Tripp line is not genetically related to the John Tripp (1610-1678) line of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Tripp researchers have assigned as the son of John’s son Peleg. See our Tripp DNA page at Family Tree DNA ( Some guest postings have been moved here as a result.

Janette Booker Kuzmich Nicholas Tripp & Nancy King> Jimima Tripp & William Stallworth a Rev. War soldier from SC.

Elaine Atchison Jemima Tripp & William Stallworth (1745-1808)> Nicholas Stallworth, Sr. (1777-1836)> Nicholas Stallworth, Jr. (1811-1853)> Major “Nick” Stallworth III (1837-1909)> Mayor Francis Marion Stallworth ( -1922)> George Alexander Stallworth> Mother> Me.

Becky Trippe Boul I descend from Nicholas & the Tripps from NC & SC

Peter Alan Frazier-Tripp John Tripp of Portsmouth, The Founder & Isabell Moses> Peleg Tripp, Sr & Anne Sisson> Peleg Tripp & Mary Gardiner> Nicholas Tripp & Nancy King> William Tripp & Ann Dalton> John Tripp, Sr & Dorcas Lane> Nicholas Tripp & Elizabeth Huff> William Henry Tripp & Victoria (Lenderman) Linderman> James Adam Tripp & Ida Magnolia Lollis> Joseph Clifton (Uncle Joe)Tripp & Enise Louise Henderson> Thomas Gilbert Tripp & Edith Jeanette Frazier> Peter Alan (Frazier) Tripp

Susan L. Jones Nicholas> William> John> Elizabeth> Joseph Allen Laboon Sr.> Joseph Allen Laboon Jr.> Benjamin B. Laboon> Dorothy Blanche Laboon> George Robert Lowe> Me(Susan Lowe Jones).

Myrna Culpen Nicholas Tripp & Nancy King> William> William & Jane Tripp (Illinois)> John Tripp

Belinda Upton I am a Descendant of Nicholas Tripp

Kenneth W. Tripp Sr. Nicholas> William> John> Thomas> Christopher> Thomas Joseph> John Franklin> Orvil> me

Marguerite B. Raines Nicholas> William> John Sr> Nicholas> John Huff> Henriette Frances Jane (Tripp) Peek> Annie Lou Vinnie (Peek) Ivey> Margaret (Ivey) Bell> Marguerite (Bell) Raines

Leslie Trippe John “The Founder” Tripp Peleg Tripp> Peleg Tripp> Nicholas Tripp> John W Tripp> Jonathan Tripp> Henry Hightower Tripp> James Albert Tripp> Lonnie Oscar Tripp> James Wilson Trippe (he added the e)> Larry (my father) Trippe> Leslie Trippe

Descendants of  Tripps from England

Carolyn Richter  John & Florence (Unknown)> John Tripp (1616-1677)> John Tripp (1653-1711) & Deborah Hill (1659-1702) born in Burnett(?)> Hill Tripp (1693-1725) & Ann Sommer ( -1735)> Hill Tripp (1726-1777) & Sarah Newberry ( – 1760)> Sarah (7 Oct 1759 Shipham-15 Mar 1832)> Samson Pitman & Sarah Tripp (21 Apr 1783, Podimore- )> Sampson Pitman (c1760- )> William Pitman (1790- )& Maria Rumsey (?)> Mary Pitman (1818, Podimore – ) & George Hunt (1819; m. 184)> Grandmother> Mother> Me. Hunt family line from Podimore /Yeovil area.

Jane Tripp Looking for information on Peter Jonathan Tripp of Cornwall, England.

Descendants of Unlinked Tripps

Donna MacIver Isaac Tripp & Janet (Jeanette) Lawson > James Mitchell & Elizabeth S. Lawson Tripp > Alexander McKenzie & Janet Lawson Mitchell > James M. McKenzie & Maggie Matheson > Grandfather > Mother > Me

Julia Tripp-Hanson Isaac Tripp & Jeanette Lawson> Andrew Tripp & Catherine Taylor> Isaac Andrew Tripp (1872) & Anna Rucker> Andrew Isaac Tripp, Sr.& Violet Foreman> Gary Lynn Tripp I & Deborah Cummings> Me.

Marianne Punshon Isaac Tripp & Jennette Lawson> Robert Lawson Tripp & Mary Ann Aughey> Robert Richard Tripp & Lucy Alice Payne> Frederick Lawson Tripp & Lilly May Stewart> Robert Lawson Tripp & Jean Mary Collins> Me.

Nichole Stroud Fry Steven Tripp (1775-1831)> Noah Tripp (1801-1874)> John Carnite Tripp (1833-1909)> Clarence Tripp (1899-1977)> Raymond Tripp (1924-1996)> Diana (Tripp) Stroud> Me.

Moses Christian Jones Robert T. Tripp (1806-1865)> Charles Miller Tripp (1833-1896)> Alfred N. Tripp (1869-1956)> Ida Lucy (Tripp) Jones (1903-1977)> Malcolm Fairbanks Jones (1933-2005)> me.

Anthony “Tony” Paul Tripp Edwin Cooke Tripp> Edwin Cooke Jr.> William Wallace Tripp> me.

Kim Rendleman Ethel Frick Tripp; Jonesboro/Anna, Union Co., IL.

Nancy Wright Benjamin L. Tripp (1817-1849) & Sarah Elizabeth Agan. Rome, N.Y.; poss. William Tripp (1757-1851) Rev War soldier.

Claire Brewer Roxie Tripp, b. c1912 NC, m(1) Lionel LeJune c1934, m(2) Roland Irving Smith 1955.

George R. Tripp Jaramiya D. Tripp (1822-1899) & Bathsheba W.> Wilson M. Tripp & Lydia A. Cornell>Joseph T. Fernandez & Emma C. Tripp> Clarence Elmer Tripp (1901-1965) & (m2) Jennie Thelma Webster> Me. 

Ruth Tripp Holder Tripp> Bradford Tripp> grandfather> father> me.

Sharon Bradshaw Hampton Nanay Tripp of Union Co., Illinois; m. Young E. Bradshaw Jr. ch: Sherrod, Jacob, & unknown female.

Heidi Marie Mitchell Bunn Erastus & Nancy> Ernest & Daisy> Otis Orville & Leota Siverly> Gary Allen Mitchell & Janet Koch> Me

Darryl McCarty James Oliver EllisTripp> James E. Tripp, Jr> Rhoda Katherine Tripp (Goza)> Me

Sylvia H. Nelson-Tripp Humphrey Tripp> Benjamin> John M.> Tracy Alfred> Winton Pern> my husband.

Sandy Ragets Edwin M. Tripp born about 1830 in New York, died unknown> William Edward (Edd) Trippe, born 2 January 1862, Dooly, Georgia, died 24 March 1914, Dooly, Georgia> Albert Marshall Trippe, born 26 Sept 1887, Vienna, Dooly, Georgia, died 18 Oct 1963, Los Angeles County, California> James Hubert Trippe, born 9 July 1910, Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, died 19 Jan 1990, Hemet, Riverside, California (my grandfather)

Douglas Oakley Heitkamp Adelbert Tripp & Cordelia Jennie Elliott> Frank Henry Heitkamp & Grace Tripp> Me. (pedigree)

Grant William Sullivan, Jr. How is Rosetta Tripp (1902-1996) related to John & Isabel(Moses) Tripp? M. George Warren Couch (1887-1951). both br. Center Lisle, Broome Co., NY.

Phillip Clayton Anderson Daniel I. Tripp> Cynthia Ann Tripp & [-?-] Webster> Cora Ruth Webster & [-?-] Cook> Dorothy Myra Cook & [-?-] Anderson> me.

Wendy Cramer Israel Tripp> Daniel Morden & Ann Tripp> Matthew Thomas Cramer & Laura Ann Mordan> George Lawson Cramer> Lawrence George Cramer> Me.

Dawn Tripp John Tripp & Lucy Smith, Pitt Co., NC> Lawrence Linwood? Tripp & Emily Peele, Pitt Co., NC> Joseph Lawrence Tripp & Hester Leona Briley, Halifax Co., NC> William Lawrence Tripp, Sr. & Lila Blanche Weiss, Halifax Co, NC. Interested in connecting with other NC Tripp researchers.

Christopher Dwight Tripp Researching my grand father, Dwight Ellsworth Tripp.

Dorothy Tripp Miller Peleg Tripp> William ? Tripp> Walter Leroy Tripp> Norman Ray Tripp> Me. All of them were from around Tioga County, New York, and northern Pensylvania. Our first record of ancestors were of Daniel Tripp and Daniel Williams from around the St. Lawrence River.

Mike Tripp William Trippe b. Abt. 1735> John Trippe b.1765> Joseph Trippe b. 1807> Joseph H. Tripp b. 1843> William M. Tripp b. 1872> Joseph H. Tripp b. 1907> Ralph W. Tripp (me). []

Nicol Wieme Julia Tripp> Irving Ranous> Augusta Ranous> Wallace Irving Tower> Claudia Jane Tower> Mark Charles Wieme (who is my husband) I can confirm that everyone except the first two were born in NY state. Augusta and after resided in Western NY.

Lori Chase Richard Tripp> Isaac Allen Tripp> Stephen Archie Tripp>. Walter William Tripp> William Leroy Tripp> Patricia Tripp Chase> Me. This is the Richard Tripp (1788-1858) listed in Dale’s database as the son of John [5] and Hannah Hopkins Tripp.

Pat Weber Benjamin Tripp b. 1811 ME> John M Tripp b. 1843 NY, James Tripp b. 1846 NY, Sarah Tripp b. 1850 IL> Fred Tripp b. 1880 IA, Robert Tripp b. 1881 IA

Jacquie Prevette Adelbert Tripp> Otto Glen Tripp (born in NY?)> Dorothy Tripp (born in Toledo, OH)> Me (born in IL).

Tim Gatewood My mother is Betty Jo Tripp Gatewood, her father was James Welch Tripp, Sr., who was the son of Joseph Henry (“Jody”) Tripp, who was the son of James W. Tripp. All these folks were from GA, apparently the part now called Dodge, Pulaski, and Bleckley Counties. I will attach a Descendant list of James W. Tripp (b. 1820)

Theodore Webster Collateral HARDING> Tripp

Deb Lundquist James Tripp> Daniel Comstock Trippe> Edward Rawson Trippe> Walter Giles Trippe> Audrey Mae Trippe m. Robert Franklin McNattin> to me

Gib Reed Tripp

Robert Daniel Tripp Tripp

Michael W. Tripp Haven’t a Clue

Sue Reed Jane Tripp born abt. 1840

Cheryl Deuel Seneca Tripp

Thomas Trafzer Stephen Tripp 1797-1863> C+Watson C. Tripp> 1830-1902> Canna Tripp 1866-1945

Nancy J. Reed Tripp> Reed>

Susan Cooper Holl ggranddaughter of Hattie D. Tripp Estabrooks who was born to John D. Tripp

Kellye K. Juul The farthest back that I go is to a man named Russell Tripp

Julie Mulford one unlinked name Hannah Tripp abt. 1801

Carolyn McNamara John Tripp [carkev@diamondc,]

Michelle Knoll Richard Tripp b.1788

Sharon May Lewis Peter and Ila Archer-Millard’s girl

John Trippe George W Trippe b.1812 in GA> Samuel L Trippe b.1843 MS> Samuel L Trippe b. 1865/6 MS> John B T Trippe b1908 MS> John B Trippe b1938 MS

Karen Archer Haggstrom Peter and Ila Archer-Millard’s girl .

Norman Tripp Thomas> William> James W> Norman{me} I do not know what Thomas this is – he & Susan Meserve March 11,1818 in Appleton,Me.

Note: I have shortened some descent lines to begin with the emigrant John Tripp of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Several lines were extended back to John Tripp where the pedigree was well documented. The added generations are indicated in italics. Broken e-mail addresses in [brackets].

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  1. Searching for evidence that the sons of James and Margaret Greene Tripp of Queensbury, NY aided the American Revolution through gifts, sales, or oaths of allegiance, etc. (not necessarily military service as they were Quakers). I believe Caroline Syron Valentine in her book on pages 185-186 states this, but I have never found any proof. Does anyone have a copy of her book? I read it in 1978 in NYC library.

    • Hi Janice,
      Carrie Syron Valentine is my great-great aunt. Did you know that she was a Tripp? Her mother’s name was Charity White Tripp Syron. My mom, who is almost 93, remembers Carrie very well — she was quite a character and had a verrrry colorful life! Unfortunately we do not have the book you are searching for, but if you are at all interested in hearing about her, we are happy to share!


  2. Thomas J Lord John ; James ; Francis ; Isaac ; Isaac ; Isaac ; Algerine ; Isaac ; John ; Lucy (Tripp) Lord ; Me. I have a copy of book on Tripp Geanealogy. Descendants of James son of John Tripp by George Randall all are listed in there to my grandfather John born April 2,1908 . Book was originally printed in 1924. I have gotten a copy by Higginson Book Co. In Salem MA . My mother has an original hardcover of the book.

  3. Working to prove my genealogy to John the Founder by way of my great grandfather George Asa Tripp, believed to be the son of William, son of Peleg Jr., son of Peleg, son of Othniel, son of John lll, son of John Jr., son of John Tripp the Founder. I’m considering taking the Tripp DNA test. Have already done DNA test on

  4. I liked your other site better as it had links all the way to my grandfather Albert Diaz Tripp. I see that you are looking for info re the So.Cal Tripps, especially those of Augustus and Samuel Tripp. Samuel Tripp was my great grandfather and is the one tied to the the Ramona story. If you have an e-mail address, I can send you a copy of the court records showing the trial and conviction of one Alesandro for horse thievery from one Jose Ferrar. Alesandro was the hero in the Ramona story and the still-playing outdoor pagent in Hemet.

    • I am descendant of Samuel, Shasta, Charles Hendrick, Charles H. Tripp. I would very much like the court record of the Ramona story.
      Thank you very much,

  5. I am a descendant of John Tripp. My family has lines from is son, James Tripp. My Great-grandfather is Solomon Tripp (b1873, d1961), Grandmother Frieda (Tripp) (Thomason) Laymance, Son of Janice (Thomason) Carter.

  6. Found your web site and truly enjoyed it! Looking forward to learning more about my namesake and earlier family! My line goes from John the founder> Joseph> Joseph> Benjamin> Preserved> James> James> Fredrick S.> James B.> Albert W. Sr.> (Me). I am new to genealogy and looking for links via the Tripp bloodline to any Mayflower passengers?

    • My maternal grandmother was Lucy Siota Tripp. Her father was Jim Tripp. They were from Reynolds Co. Missouri. I would like to see any stories you have. They were interesting people in an interesting time. Thank you for wanting to share what you have. Sandra Walker

  7. I knew to this line of thought and have, alas, little information. My father’s name is Alan Roger Tripp (b apprx 1918); his father’s name was Anthony Wayne Tripp b. apprx 1890); and his father’s name was Julius . . . that’s where it trails off. Can you give me ideas about how to proceed? Thanks.

  8. Descendants of john and mary. my grandfather was harold tripp who died in about 1953 in new hampshire. Does anyone know or related

  9. My line is John, John, Suzanna Anthony Tripp, Thomas Potter, Martha Potter who married Matthew Maxson.

  10. John&Mary>John>John>John>Othniel>Peleg>William>Charles Sr>Nancy ‘Sarah’M Tripp Taylor born Canada, died Idaho>Benjamin Franklin Taylor>Amos Sylvanias Taylor>Luella Lillian Taylor Spencer>Chester W Spencer>Patricia L Spencer Baldwin> Me What sparked this mission was I became intrigued as to why a white woman in her 60’s would come to live on an Indian Reservation in the 1880’s. And whether her mother Lydia Blackfoot Indianwoman was really native american. My search and interest has been primarily about these two women (Mother and daughter) Would love more info on Lydia if anyone has anything. History is coming alive and personal to me now!!

  11. Robert/Samuel/Robert UE/ Gideon/Robert 1691 / James 1656/ John 1611

    • Hello Warren. I follow the same line but after Robert Tripp UE, my line diverges through his son Samuel. Just wondering if you are Canadian. Robert UE went to the Gaspe peninsula in Canada in 1784, but think Samuel’s son Frederik came to Minnesota and that’s how I (and the previous 5 generations of my family) came to be Minnesotans. I’m interested in the Canadian Tripp ancestors.

  12. John&Mary>John>John>John>Othniel>Peleg>William>Charles Sr>Nancy ‘Sarah’M Tripp Taylor born Canada, died Idaho>Benjamin Franklin Taylor>Amos Sylvanias Taylor>Luella Lillian Taylor Spencer>Chester W Spencer>Patricia L Spencer Baldwin> Me What sparked this mission was I became intrigued as to why a white woman( Nancy Tripp Taylor) in her 60’s would come to live on an Indian Reservation in the 1880’s. And whether her mother Lydia Blackfoot Indianwoman(m. Charles Tripp Sr.) was really native american. My search and interest has been primarily about these two women (Mother and daughter) Would love more info on Lydia if anyone has anything. History is coming alive and personal to me now!!

  13. John, John, Martha Tripp (Samuel Samson Sherman), Ebenezer Sherman, David Sherman, Humphrey Sherman, Steven Sherman, Chester B. Sherman, Frederick J. Sherman, Earl Judson Sherman, Merrill Homer Sherman, Carol Gladys Sherman (adopted Henley) married John Howard Brooks, to me née Carol Helen Brooks b. 10 Jul 1941 and thence to my two daughters, Laura Anne Edwards 5 Jul 1960 and Heather April Hancock 1 May 1970.
    Does this help? Did I do it right? I am very new at this but fascinated and happy to share with all. Thank you for this great site.

  14. nathaniel 1549 and mrs nathaniel
    john 1575 and isabela moses
    john the founder 1609 and mary paine
    john 1640 and susanna anthony
    benjamin 1677 and elizabeth potter
    benjamin 1709 and esther
    thomas 1745 and mary tinkham
    james 1774 and polly clark
    james henry 1816 and anna j clarke
    thomas 1846 and seviah smith
    obed c 1876 and annie bentley
    obed t 1900 and anna bebka
    thomas norris 1935 and loretta krzyzak
    mark 1966. -me-
    my parents have 5 kids and 10 grandkids
    was fun learning- saw news article my grandfather
    played in a jazz band under an assumed name-
    mark tripp

  15. My GGGGGrandmother was Jimima Tripp who married William stallworth from South Carolina who fought in Revolutionary War. Her parents were Nicholas Tripp and Nancy King. I think I descended from Peleg Tripp.

  16. john tripp b 1611 in horkstow lincolnshier england he is my 6th great grand uncle
    would you tell me if i am related to the tripp family as i have been looking up the
    family tree and have got to john tripp b1475 d1543 in stellings sandwich kent england
    regards brian

  17. John Tripp-James Tripp-Francis Tripp-Isaac Trip-Isaac Tripp-Edwin Tripp-Clarissa Tripp-Harriet Vickery-Nellie Vickery-Eleanor Poutray-Joan Mudge-Kevin Anderson

  18. John> James> Robert> Gideon> Robert UE> Samuel> Frederik> Samuel> Samuel Cyrus> Clair> Earl> Me.

  19. I am a decendant of Nathiel Tripp from England, his son John, whom married Mary Paine….the reason I am writing is to see if anyone has any information that is accurate on the Tripp family, any and all information is appreciated.
    I also do know that Iassac Tripp, whom built the “Tripp House” in Scranton, PA was about 10 generations before my time. I am very interested in my ancestory and how this all came about.

  20. John>James>Robert>Robert>Joseph>William Henry>Josephus>Ruth>Kathy>Me

  21. according to

    john tripp&mary paine
    alice tripp&phillip hill

    these ancestors are through my 2nd great-grandmother Katherine “Kate” Barnard 1857-1928 (powelltown, hancock, illinois–>montrose, lee, iowa)

  22. Love this website. Have never seen anything close to this. Everyone that contributes is a hero in my eyes. Thank you all so much. This is real family team work.

  23. Love your website. Came across it by accident and it is fantastic.

  24. Hi! Glad to find this site, very interesting I must say. My father was William Wallace Tripp ( B. Fresno, 1920 or 22, and married to Marcella Iris Young of Sydney, Australia in 1944), My Grandfather was Edwin Cooke Tripp Jr. (married to Irene Wallace of Hickman, Tenn.) and was,I believe, from New Bedford, Mass. Moved to Pomona, Ca in the early 1900’s, then to Fresno around 1920 , then finally to Oakland, Ca. around 1923 or so. E.C. Tripp Sr. and his wife Irene moved from Mass. to Santa Cruz Ca. early in the 1900’s until their deaths later in the century. That’s about all I know at the present.

  25. John, Joseph, Ebenezer, David, David, Ezekiel, Alexander Allen, Alexander A. Jr., Myron Alexander, Leon, [ME]

  26. My great grandfather was Bradford Tripp.And great-great Holder Tripp.

  27. I am a descendant of this Tripp Line starting with John & May Paine I am trying to resolve whether Amarel Vincent Tripp born 21 Oct 1821 in Westport Ma. and died 24 Feb 1863 Westport is the son or daughter of Jotham Round Tripp and Elizabeth Potter .

    • I have obtained a sea chest where we found a note in a secret compartment within written by Theodore J. Tripp that the chest originally belonged to his father Jotham R. Tripp during which time he sailed aboard a whaler in 1815. The chest was used by his 3 brothers and then by Theodore himself in 1862 on a whaler wintering over 500 miles north of Hudson Bay. The sea chest was originally painted green and is in great condition for being over 200 years old and used by at least 5 people aboard various sailing vessels. It is a prized possession in my collection. Email me if you would like to see some pics of the sea chest and the note we found. Regards, Mike

      • Hello from Australia. I am descended I believe from Benjamin Tripp who was a whaler and came to Australia in 1850 and later in 1871 died in a mine shaft accident. Born in Massachusetts in 1832 approx. Brothers William, George W, Ebenezer, and sisters, Lydia, Mary and Rhoda. I believe they likely sailed on a whale boat named the Albion.

  28. I have a PDF copy or I can photocopy and send to you via USPS.

  29. My father’s Tripp family is from the Rome, NY (Oneida Co) area. My mother (before she passed away) has strongly felt that my dad’s grandfather Benjamin Leland’s grandfather was William Tripp, (1757 – 1851) a revolutionary war soldier. I can’t seem to find a connection as I can’t find much information on Benjamin Leland Tripp’s father, either known as Egbert or Benjamin L. He married Sarah Elizabeth Agan (1822-1899) (Parents Eva and Leland). His son Benjamin said that his father had been a builder and worker in the Salt blocks of Syracuse, NY. He was reported to have been killed so he is not on the 1850 Rome census. I think I found his cemetary record: Benjamin L Tripp, d. 1849 at the age of 32 and is buried in the Link Road cemetery in Oneida County. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • I just read your post. I am descended from a William Tripp, but most likely not the one you referred to as the dates of birth and death are slightly different. My ancestor, William, was born in 1770 and died in 1843. He moved to Cicero in 1824. He is buried in the Cicero Center (Stone Arabia) Cemetery in Cicero Center, NY which is just outside Syracuse.

  30. I track my line from:
    Nathaniel Tripp: B 1549 D1579–Lincolnshire
    John Tripp 1575 -1678 England/Isabel Moses England/US 1580 – 1678
    Isabel Tripp 1612-1644 England/USA-Rhode Island/Robert Potter
    I can trace the Potter line thru Phoebe Anne Potter (NY and Wisc)/May 1919 –to Alice Eva Clift 1951(WISC) — to Slayback to my Grandmother (Shubert)

  31. I really enjoyed the web site. I too am a Tripp. My mother was Maude Elaine Rendleman Tripp> Ethel Frick Tripp. Ethel Tripp lived in Jonesboro/Ann area of Illinois.

  32. I am a descendant of John Tripp born 1610. My line is the following from oldest to youngest (after him) John Tripp, peleg Tripp, job Tripp, Isaac Tripp, founder of Tripp park Scranton pa, job Tripp, John Tripp, James Tripp, George Washington Tripp, Theodore Eugene Tripp, Lillie Mae Tripp. Lillie Mae is my great great grandmother. I am great granddaughter of Eva miller antoine.

  33. I am still trying to track down information on my great, great grandfather Benjamin L Tripp who died in Oneida County, NY in 1849. She married an Elizabeth Agan (Betsey) and she and their descendants are on the 1850 census of Rome, NY.
    My mother (deceased now) seemed to think there was a link to William Tripp, who served in the Revolutionary War. I have his pension records and war papers. Also have Peleg (brother?) war papers. Benjamin, sometime, during the 1840’s went to work in the salt mines of Syracuse, NY. My mother also had Benjamin’s name down as Egbert?

  34. name change, my husbands name is Nelson Boychuk but I go by my maiden name Pearl Innes Thanks so much .

    I am helping another Tripp with her family , they are Benjamin Tripp 1815 New York
    d 1849 Accidently , 1850 censu shows family at Rome Oneida New York
    wife Betsey , children Egbert, Benjamin Leland, Joseph ?????????

  35. This is a great website. Thank you so much, anyone that is helping me with my Tripp genealogy. It is greatly appreciated!

  36. John and Mary are my 10th Great Grandparents.

    My Line |

    John/Mary → Peleg/Anne Sisson → Thomas Rogers / Anne → Anna Rogers / Mr George → Thomas George / Freelove Coggeshall → Sarah George / Joseph Rogers → John Rogers / Ann Manchester → Sarah Ann Rogers / Noel Coggeshall → Charlotte Coggeshall / James Anthony → Alfred Coggeshall Anthony / Flora Stedman Sisson → James H. Anthony Sr / Evelyn I. Dykeman → My father/mother → Me.

  37. need prove where David R. Tripp and Elizabeth”Betsy” Osgood Tripp married in Penn or New York. have Springer page records date but not place. John>Job>Issac>Job>John>David>Zacheus>James William”Will” Tripp

  38. I am great granddaughter x 5 of Dr. James Tripp of Wisconsin : I know it show in some records with a E at the end, but in his signature their is no E. To get to the point I have his father as Otheniel Tripp or grandfather as Otheniel Tripp I have the paper that has been in the family marked to the Heirs of Otheniel Tripp dated December 31st 1811. Confused on if it was to James as the son or James father with his father being Otheniel Tripp. Can’t find any Othniel or Otheniel dying around that time frame. But is clearly marked Demember 31st. 1811

  39. I am looking for the parents of Otheniel Tripp born between (1763 to 1765) dying 1811 owning land in Albany and his son Dr. James Tripp being born in Schenectady, NY in 1795 the property he owned in Albany was next to the MaComber. The spelling of Otheniel and MaComber both come from a letter I have dated to the Heirs of Otheniel dated 1811. Please could someone help. I think he could be the Otheniel Tripp married to Elizabeth Salisbury. The dates match and someone had but one child born 1791 so that child and James could be brothers.

    • I am still searching for Otheniel ,Othenial Tripp born around 1760’s
      dying 1811 in New York. He had two sons James and Pelgy, James was born 1795, Elizabeth was his wife’s name. He owned property in Albany, NY I am so stuck at this point.

  40. Found Othniel Tripp b 23 July 1697 d 1 Dec 1775 The Michael Shoemaker Book page 555, and 557, footnotes, also Othniel Tripp & wife Mary lived in North Kingston R.I children Othniel. my line Isaac Tripp from John.

  41. Francis Othniel Tripp born 23 Jul 1697, died 1 Dec 1775 Married Mary Potter in 1725 Dartmouth. His father was Peleg Tripp born 3 Nov 1673

  42. My 3rd Great grandmother was Elizabeth Louisa Tripp she married Hugh Campbell Davis in Ashtabula County Ohio in 1847 (LDS Record) The family is found in Crawford County Wisconsin 1860 census and in Clark County Wisconsin in 1870-1880. Hugh and Louisa or Elizabeth were divorced and Elizabeth remarried Norman Leonard in 1881 St Croix Wisc. Elizabeth Died in Rockford Illinois April 4 1907. She was born in NY. April 1833-34.. I would truly love to know who her parents were.. Anyone with information contact me. David

  43. My father was Howard m. Tripp. I believe he was born in Mass. In 1900. I believe his father was Edwin C Tripp. I don’t know much more, unfortunately. Wish I did.

  44. My grandfather is Grady Ellis Tripp from Easley ,SC. Does anyone have information on Tripp’s in SC?

  45. Howard M Tripp born 19 Sep 1900 and died 27 Apr 1964 in Fresno California. Parents were Edwin C. Tripp and Sarah Jone Slusher. Edwin C. Paremts were Howard F could not find mother

  46. My grandmother’s name was not Sarah. It was Idelia. I believe she was born in Nova Scotia. she is buried in Santa Cruz California as well as my grandfather Edwin. Thanks for the info.

  47. About Grady Ellis Tripp
    I found a little about that family , you may contact me at
    my email
    Pearl Innes from Canada

  48. I am a descendant of this line as listed on this site. I would like to add my Father Carver Tripp as only my Grandfather named.

    Glen Edward Tripp John> Joseph> Jonathan> Joseph> Job> Lemuel> George Francis> Edward (my Grandfather) Adding my Father Carver Tripp

  49. John Tripp 1611, John Tripp 1673, Abiel Tripp 1709, Anna Tripp 1738 and Ebenezer Wright 1737, Moses Wright 1765, Weston Wright 1796, Dorland Wright 1843, Isaac Wright 1889, Alberta Wright 1916, Edna Wright, 1936 and William G. Hayes1936, Gerald S. Hayes 1955.

  50. Like most of you, I am descended from John and Mary Paine. But I cannot find any SOURCES for the line going back from John (other than his own affidavit re: his parents John and Isabel). Can anyone provide any hard evidence of any of the links? I’d love to have sources if they’re out there. Thanks, cousins!

    • For John Tripp’s English origins, see “Some Observations on the Ancestry of John Tripp, Emigrant to Portsmouth, Rhode Island” The Genealogist, 10:2 (Fall 1989) by Neil D. Thompson, Ph. D, F. A. S G. He proved three generations in England to George Tripp of Horkstow who died in the fall of 1580. See also Paul L. Tripp’s notes on “John the Founder” on the Tripp Family Genealogical Web Site:

      • Thanks! I know Paul Tripp’s website, but hadn’t seen the Thompson piece. Appreciate it.


      • Thank you for that information. It is very helpful. John Tripp is my 10th great grandfather.

        • I came across another source that had sources for evidence going back further on the Tripp line. I will post the information as expeditiously as possible.

  51. David Tripp (1808) married Elizabeth Osgood 1827, in New York or Pennsylvania? Herman Tripp has New York children Ralph Tripp born in Pa. 1829 and Caroline in New York in 1832. Elizabeth’s mother Caroline Lester Osgood d. 1831 Madison Co. N.Y. in 1838 they left PA. for Indiana, need for NSDAR records proof.

  52. Note: Sylvanus Tripe of Kittery must be descended from Gabriel Tripe of Totnes, Devonshire. Margaret Diamond’s father was also from Devon.

  53. My family start fromNatanielTripp1549,John,John,JohnOthniel, Othniel,Stephen,Othniel,Nicholas Rideout,Charle Albert Rosa Belle,Elsie ,And me

  54. Would like any information about my family ,Tripps

  55. Lineage:John Tripp, Isabel Moses; John Tripp, Mary Paine; James Tripp, Lydia;
    Robert Tripp, Alice Anthony; Gideon R Tripp, Amy Shippee; Robert Tripp, Patience Harrington; Samuel Tripp, Elizabeth Cunning; Lucy Tripp, Joseph O’Rourke; Lousia J O’Rourke, Uriah Goldthorp; William Goldthorpe, Elizabeth A Haywood; Alice E Goldthorpe, Lin P Kinsman; Hattie May Kinsman, Don E Hawks / Hawke; Me

    • Thomas de Tripp 1325,Thomas Tripp 1343,John Tripp 1399,Henry Tripp 1439,Rev.Henry Edward John Tripp 1479,Francis Tripp 1506, Thomas Reginald Tripp 1523,Nathaniel Alexander Tripp, Sr,1549,John Tripp,Sr. 1581,John Tripp II, 1610.Joseph Tripp, 1644,Peleg Tripp, 1673,Othniel Tripp, 1697,Samuel Tripp,1727,Stephen Tripp,1756,Samuel Tripp,1788,George Fox Tripp, 1813,Franklin Tripp,1836,Evelyn Frances Tripp, 1869 (My Grandmother)

  56. My Grandmother was the daughter of Dr. Franklin Tripp who was born in 1836 in Ohio. My Grandmother’s brother is the person who did the research on the Tripp family. He traced my line of the Tripp family back to the year of 1325 by various books and documents and composed a journal for the family called the Descendants of Sr Thomas Tripp born in 1325 London, England. This journal has the names of the wives and children.

  57. John Tripp (1610 – 1678)
    i8th great grandfather
    Peleg Tripp (1642 – 1714)
    Job Tripp (1673 – 1751)
    Ezekiel Tripp (1743 – 1827)
    Benjamin Tripp (1775 – 1835)
    Ephraim Duell Tripp (1800 – 1881)
    John Wesley Tripp (1833 – 1910)
    Myron John Tripp (1861 – 1942)
    Earl Clarence Tripp McDonald (1887 – 1959)
    David Luke McDonald (1935 – 2001)
    Victor McDonald
    Note: Earl Clarence Tripp used the name McDonald as did 2 brothers. It is unclear why. I would love information on this

    You are the son of David Luke McDonald – (not you?)

    • Interested in your comment about the use of MacDonald. This is the first I have heard of this. John Tripp, the Founder is my 10th great grandfather.

  58. Sorry I am not the son of David McDonald.

  59. I have an
    OTHNIEL Tripp
    Your 4th cousin 5x removed
    Birth 21 Sep 1764 in NEWPORT, NEWPORT, RI
    Death 1800 in SC
    OTHNIEL Tripp1738 –
    SARAH Crapon1737 – 1788
    Spouse & Children▼
    Elizabeth Salisbury
    John Salisbury Tripp1791 – 1827

  60. Have a Othniel Tripp married to,Mary Potter,another married to ,,Hannah Manchester,Then another1776, married toLydia Shaw, are any of these in your family?

  61. Hi. I’m new to the group. My name is Nancy (Homer) Ware, and I came across your website while doing some genealogy research. I live in Massachusetts, and my maternal line goes back to John and Mary (Paine) Tripp of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. This is my line of descent: John Tripp, Peleg Tripp, Job Tripp, Benony Tripp, Acus Tripp, Jeptha Tripp married Roxana Dexter, they had a daughter, Betsey Tripp, in Chatham, MA. Betsey married John P. Crowell of Brewster, MA, they had a son, Nathan T. Crowell. Nathan married Elizabeth Long, they had a daughter, Harriet Crowell, in Wareham, MA. Harriet married William H. Read of Fall River, MA, they had a daughter, Mattie Read. Mattie married John Byrom, they had a daughter, Harriet. Harriet Byrom married William J. Carr, they had a daughter, Beatrice L. Carr, of Fall River, MA. Beatrice married Thomas J. Homer. I am their daughter.

  62. HI In reply to your email I am descended from Peleg Tripp whose father was Joseph Tripp and mother was Methitable Fish. Peleg was born November 5, 1673 and marred Abigail Jenkins. It looks like you are descended from John Tripp II founder and Mary Pane. I am descended from their child Joseph whose child was Peleg, and his child was Othniel Tripp. It looks like you are descended from another of Peleg children (Job}.

  63. I see the children of John Tripp,1610, as John1640,Peleg1642,Joseph1644,who married M ehitable Fish,Mary1646,Elizabeth1648,Alice1650,Isabel1651,Abiel1653, James, Martha1658,Sylvanus1660, we continue though John Trippand Mary Paine.

  64. My decentants are John Tripp and MaryPaine ,John Tripp andSusannah Anthony,John Tripp andMary Hart OthnielTripp andMary Potter,Othniel Tripp andHannah Manchester,StephenTripp and Rhoda RubySawyer,Othniel Tripp andLydia Shaw, Nicholas Tripp andCharlotte Thurlow,Charles Henry Tripp and Nancy Merrill, Albert Tripp and OliveTripp, Rosa Tripp, my grandmother ,my mom Elsie and me

    • We’re seeking further documentation of our Maine Tripps – ANY documentaion on members of this Tripp line would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

      My dad’s Family Tree Y-DNA links us to “John Tripp the Founder” of Portsmouth, RI.
      More recently we’re descended from Stephen & Rhoda Sawyer Tripp’s son Thomas m.18 Oct 1795 Jane Lancaster in Vassalboro, Kennebec Co., ME.
      Their eldest son Othneal/Othnial Tripp b. 18 Sep 1897 in Albion, Kennebec Co., ME, & youngest dau. Rhoda Sawyer Tripp b. 3 Mar 1811 Albion are our best evidence that our recent lineage is correct.
      The Fairfax (now Albion, ME, census list Othniel & Stephen Tripp families residing there w/ Thomas. (Thomas left & m. again 1818 in Searsmont, Waldo Co., Maine, Susan Meservey & had more children b. Appleton/Jefferson…burial place of Thomas & wives unknown.)

      Thos. & Jane Tripp’s son Jacob b. 5 Sept 1804 Albion, Kennebec Co., ME, m. Mary Yvonne Fogg 5 Dec 1829 Gray, Cumberland Co., ME & resided in No. Yarmouth, Cumberland Co., ME, bur.Bowie Cemetery.
      Their son Charles Frederick Tripp I m. Georgianna Paine Storey 15 Feb 1873~my great grandparents, bur. Gray Village Cemetery.

  65. Yes, thenStephen andRhoda Ruby Sawyer Othniel Tripp,Nicholas Tripp,Charles Henry Tripp,Albert Tripp ,My grandmother,RosaTripp ,my mom Elsie and me

  66. ME(Peter Tripp)-Thomas Gilbert Tripp-Joseph Clifton Tripp-James Adam Tripp-William Henry Tripp-Nicholas Tripp-John Tripp,Sr.-William Tripp-Nicholas Tripp-Peleg Tripp-Peleg Tripp, Sr.-John Tripp, of Portsmouth, Rhode Island-John Tripp, Lincolnshire,UK-

    Trying to connect with cousins, etc.

    • Hello Peter Tripp
      My name is Don Tripp and It looks like we may be working on finding the father of Nicholas Tripp c1720
      I am not certain if this is your 37 marker test or if it belongs to our cousin Raymond L. Tripp? We both match this DNA test. I would love to share information with you. I am 70 years old out or Tulare. Calif. My wife is a retired school principal. We live in a farming community between Fresno and Bakersfield.
      Hope to hear from you
      Don Tripp

  67. I am not sure on why Clarence and Orlando McDonald started using the last name McDonald. I have heard rumors of some kind of organized crime connection. The fact is Earl Clarence McDonald did not legally change it but does have 2 death certificates with both last names.

    Vic McDonald

  68. I am the grandson of the late Brian Charles Tripp and his wife Rita Tripp (Clarke) he managed to get genealogy back to the 13 hundreds his parents were Margaret Ann prest hance and Joseph Charles Tripp was wondering if we are family I would like to carry on what he started in memory of him he passed on Thursday 3rd September 2014

    • Sorry to hear of Brian’s recent passing. He posted here in June 2013 about his research. Glad to help anyway we can in carrying on his work.

  69. My grandfather was Hugh Tripp my father was Hugh Tripp both from Chicago Il.are we related. father died in 2003 grandfather died when father was young all grandparents dead

    • If you can provide a few more places and dates, we should be able to find your family in our database. No one by the name of Hugh Tripp died in 2003 in the Social Security Death Index (SSDI). It could be he didn’t pay into Social Security (worked for US government or had a railroad pension), he went by another given name, or the family didn’t notify the Social Security Administration for example. There is a Hugh Tripp who died in Illinois in 2002.

  70. As you know the Tripp family name is very large, we could be related see my comments that has been posted

  71. I have been researching the Tripp family websites and have become frustrated. It seems as so many have mentioned, “there are a lot of Tripps”. I have some limited information on the branch of Tripps that went to Pitt County NC.
    The name of Caleb Tripp is said to come from RI in 1786, then there is a Benjamin, Otheniel, Bryant, Edwin and my mother Frances. I can not get info on Caleb and the move to NC.
    Can anyone help this novice?

  72. My grandmother was Sarah Ella Tripp, married Simon LuRoy Miller. Grandma’s dad was Clark Tripp, his father Nathan Willow Tripp 1808-1888. He came from Ontario Ca. I had heard that he was found in willow tree grove. Do not know if this is true or not. I would like to go back farther, but so far not luck. Thank you for your time and effort with this.

    • Iva, there are several people registered in the Guestbook who have pedigrees going back to the immigrant ancestor, John Tripp of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Search on “Nathan” to find them and then click on the submitter’s name to contact them. Good luck.

  73. I am the third great- granduaghter of Young E. Bradshaw and Nancy Tripp. I’ve not been successful in tracking down Young E. If anyone has information on this line, please let me know.

  74. I can only trace my Tripp Roots back to my Grandfather Alan Vonso Tripp , My Great Uncle Alvin Tripp and My Great aunt Pearl maiden name Tripp all From the Cotton Plant Arkansas area. Alan was married to my Grandmother Deloris (Bork) Tripp and they had 4 children Alan Jr. Danny , Michel and my father Wilbur Sr. Married to Marie E Tripp (Yearout) Maiden name, I have a brother Tom Tripp and a sister Debbie Buehler. all of us residing in Southern Missouri.

    • This Tripp family doesn’t appear in the Tripp database. From census and other records at, the following tree is suggested:
      1. Wilbur (Bill) Tripp
      2. Wilbur Tripp m. Marie E. Yearout
      3. Alan Vonso Tripp (1915-?) m. Deloris Bork (?-bef. 1940)
      4. George J. Tripp (1873-?) m. Eva (1893-?) + Queen Victoria Mullis + one more.
      5. William J. Tripp (1843-1919) m. Nancy ??? + Annie McRainie
      6. John Tripp (1816-1857) m. Frances Hinson (1817- aft. 1860)
      7. James Tripp (1872-1839) m. Penelope Powell (1798-1850)
      8. John Trippe (1775-1852) m. Nancy Jones (1775-1796)
      9. John Trippe (1756-1796) m. Sarah Pritchard (1771-1807) He was born in Dorset, England.

      Besides the Dorset, England origin, other researchers have suggested a German immigrant by the name of Trappe who became a Trippe. Unfortunately none of this is easily verifiable as no sources are cited as proof. It does appear that the family spelled the name “Trippe” in earlier times. The Trippe name apparently appears in Beaufort Co., NC before 1700. A possible connection to Henry Trippe of Maryland.

  75. Can you please pass my email to Wilbur Bill Floyd Tripp Jr
    as I have some information for him
    Thank you
    Pearl Innes

  76. John & Mary Paine >James>Francis>Isaac>Stephen>Lyman>Stephen T.>John L.>Marjorie L. Tripp & John Fearing II>John Fearing III & Lucy Maxim>Doris Fearing & Gregory Warner>Me

  77. Carol Helen Brooks (now Cara Johnson), mother Carol Gladys Sherman-Henley, Helene Carl Bleeckert (Blucher) m. Merrill Homer Sherman, Leena Hunt Clarke m. Earl Judson Sherman, Esther Stoddard m. Frederick J. Sherman, Julia Dunning m. Chester B. Sherman, Stephen Sherman m. Ruth Sherman, Ruth Lawton m. Gideon Cornell Sherman, Abigail Cornell m. John Sherman, Grissel Fish m. John Sherman, Samuel Sherman m. Martha Tripp, Mary Paine m. John Tripp
    Guess I am a Tripp descendant, too. Who knew?

  78. I have US Census and cemetery headstone information linking me to James Tripp born 9 Jun 1792 in Dutchess County NY, died 29 Apr 1877 in South Danby, Tompkins County, NY. The 1820 US Census lists him as a head of household in South Danby, Tioga County (Danby transferred to Tompkins County in 1822), with two males of militia age. The recollection of Old John Manning in Danby says that “James Tripp (Seth’s father) came to Danby in 1818 with this brother Stephen.” There was another James Tripp of the same age living in Tompkins County at the time (Cortland), but he had no brother Stephen. It seems possible that James Tripp of Danby is the son of William Tripp #790, who died in 1815 leaving sons James, Stephen, and Solomon, who established a household in Danby NY. Stephen may have left for Ohio. Solomon’s fate unknown. Any help linking James to William #790 appreciated. James’s first wife was Phebe, died 1830 in Danby (other details for Phebe unknown). If James of Danby is indeed the son of William #790, then my lineage is:
    1. John TRIPP>4. Joseph TRIPP>30. Jonathan TRIPP>111. William TRIPP>344. William TRIPP>790. William TRIPP>James Tripp of Danby NY>James Seth Tripp of Danby NY>James Harvey Tripp of Danby NY>James Warren Tripp of Spencer, NY>Harry James Tripp Sr. of Syracuse NY>Harry James Tripp Jr. of Cortland NY (me).

  79. Post a test comment on Guestbook 1215 hrs 2-24-15

  80. Hi….i have new info..for you…my name is george r. fathers name was clarence Elmer tripp,…my mom was jennie t.tripp,my grand mother name was..emma c. grand fathe name was joseph t. Fernandez…my great great grandmother name was lydia a. Cornell,my great great grandfather was wilson m. Tripp…my great great great grandfather was jaramiya d. Tripp born 5-11-1822..and died 1899 and his wife was bathsheba w. Sowle. Tripp….i hope you look in to this…my in came from westport mass…town hall…thank you.

  81. I’m trying to determine if Edward Tripp who was born 3-8-1788 and married to Lydia Cole had any children. I have spent a few months trying to find out if Clarissa Tripp born on 1-5-1814 is their daughter. Currently I can not locate a birth certificate or find any document showing Edward and Lydia had any children. If I can verify Clarissa was their child then Edward would be my husband’s 4th great grandfather. Any information or insight would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

  82. Hi and hello,..I have done a lot of tracking down my family…so hear is the information that i r.tripp…son of..clarence elmer tripp 1901-1965-son of-emma clark tripp 1882-1923-daughter of-wilson mortimer tripp-1848-1905,and lydia ann cornell 1853-1917,wilson son of: Jaramiah d. Tripp 1822-1898 son of: sara tripp & Jaramiah d. Tripp 1795-?this Jaramiad son of: silvia durfee & george tripp 1765..son of: patince potter 1749-1773 & stephen tripp 1735-1773 stephen son of: abigial davis 1763-1822 & george tripp son of: rebbecca spooner. 1692-1729 & john tripp 1690-1758. John son of: mehitable tripp 1648-1690 & joseph tripp 1644-1718..joseph son of: mary ann (paine)tripp 1611-1687 & john tripp ii 1610-1678 also known as the founder…john son of: isabele elizabeth isabell tripp 1580-1654 & john tripp 1575-1678 john son of: susan alice tripp 1554-1623 & nathaniel tripp 1549-1579 nathaniel son of: m. nathainel trippe 1554-1623 & william roger trippe 1530-1568 william roger tripp son of: kele tripp &johannes trippe 1504-1580. Johannes son of: john trippe 1475-1543. John son of: margeret tripp born: birth estimated between 1410-1470 & george reginald trippe date’s unknown…its been fun doing this….thank you george r. Tripp

  83. Jan, per my email of today.

    Alice Tripp > Abiel Tripp& Anne Davis > Joseph Tripp& Mehetabel Fish.

  84. I have the original Tripp Record book by Frieda laymance — 2/12/1979. She also came and visited me in Burlington Iowa where I live now…

    • Hi Julie– Could you describe the “Tripp Record Book” for those unfamiliar with her work? Perhaps describe what Tripp line(s) were researched? Any plans for publishing the book? Thanks.

  85. Please email me the pictures. I a, the Grandson of Clarence Earl Tripp (McDonald).

    Thank you
    Victor McDonald

  86. please send your email address.. Mike

  87. Almarel Vincent Tripp Pedigree
    Male Family

    Birth: 27 OCT 1821 Westport, Bristol, Massachusetts

    Death: 24 FEB 1863 Westport, Bristol, Massachusetts


    Father: Jotham Rounds Tripp Family
    Mother: Elizabeth Potter

  88. My family tree; Rosa Belle Tripp , Albert Tripp, charles Henry Tripp, Nicholas Rideout Tripp, ,othniel Tripp Stephen Tripp, Othniel Tripp, John Tripp1 John Tripp 2John Tripp 3 John Tripp 4 Nathanial Tripp William Tripp

    • Hello…Our Family Lines are very much the same but different near the End..This is what
      I’ve been able to find.

      Nathaniel. Tripp, John Tripp and Isabel Moses, John Tripp Jr. andMary Paine, John Tripp 2 and Susannah Anthony , John Tripp3 and Mary Hart, Othniel Tripp and Hannah Manchester , Stephen Tripp and Rhoda Ruby Sawyer, Othniel Tripp and Lydia Shaw, Nicholas Tripp and Charlotte Thurlow, Charles Henry Tripp and Keziah Durand, Daniel Strout Tripp and Cinderella Tripp, Jeremiah Tripp and Carrie Bertha Cox, Perley Tripp, Henry Tripp >Me

  89. My GrGrGrandfather was Benjamin Tripp (Born 4 Dec 1810 in Temple, Maine) he Died 1882, in LaSalle, IL
    He married Jemina Miller (Born 1 May 18 in Saratoga, NY) she
    Died 13 April 1891 in Mt. Auburn, Iowa

    My Gr. Grandfather was John M Tripp (Born 5 Jan 1843 in Courtland, NY) he died 13 Jan 1929 in LaPorte City, IA
    He married Lovisa Kelsey the 7th of Sept 1865 in Sandwich, IL She was
    Born 2 July 1845 in Yorkville, IL & Died 3 July 1934 in LaPorte City, IA

    My Grandfather was Fred J. Tripp he was Born 13 Apr 1879 in Mt. Auburn, IA and Died on the 6th Nov 1963 in Oklahoma City, OK
    He married Tempa Ina Oliver she was Born 21 Mar 1882 in Mt. Auburn, IA and Died 15 Oct, 1971 in Oklahoma City, OK

  90. I have a booklet of a J. F. Tripp. Inside it has been used just like a Bible of sorts with names and dates. So looking for family to send it to.
    Isaac Tripp born 14 Dec 1770 married Mary Chase born 23? Mar 1775
    Marbah Tripp – b. 25 Jan 1798
    Susannah Tripp – b. 12 Jan 1800
    Abigail Tripp – b. 4 Apr 1802
    Mary Tripp – b. 19 Dec 1803
    James Tripp – b. 9 Oct 1805
    Elsie Tripp – b. 28 Dec 1807
    Roena Tripp – b. 23 Oct 1809

    There are others too plus marriages and deaths! Please feel free to contact me!!

    • I wish I knew if these were my descendants or not…..I will have to see if I can dig a little deeper in the next few weeks & get back to you.

  91. It looks like I am not related to you. My Great Grandfather was a Tripp named Dr. Franklin Tripp MD. He married Sarah Sullivan. Hope this will help you in tracing your family.

  92. My great great grandfather Charles Henry was married three times , my great grandmother was his second wifeNancy Merrill , then Albert Tripp , and my grandmother Rosa Belle Tripp

  93. My father, Homer Roy (Leroy) Tripp, was the son of Guy Goss Tripp and Margaret Jane (Jean) McCrorie (McCrory). My grandfather, Guy Goss, was the son of Henry Edward Tripp and Abbie Julia Edgerly who came from Maine to Ontario, Canada, when Guy was a young boy. Henry Edward was the son of Edward, born February 5, 1827, in Somerset County, Maine, where he died April 7, 1866. Edward was the son of Daniel Tripp and Mary Ellen Whitten (Polly or Pollitt). Daniel Tripp’s parents were Rev. Jedediah Tripp (30 July 1775 – 16 June 1856) and Mary Polly Noble. Jedediah’s parents were Benjamin Tripp (03 March 1745 – 29 Aug 1822) and Eunice Wakefield. Benjamin’s father was Robert Tripp (04 Sep 1710 – 06 Apr 1963) who married Mary Fernald. Robert’s father was Sylvanus (B.1660 in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island – D. 10 May 1716 in Kittery, York, Maine). He married Margaret Diamond in 1695. Sylvanus was the son of John Tripp of Portsmouth, R. I. and Mary Tripp (nee Paine). John was the son of John Tripp, Sr. and Isabel Elizabeth Moses. John Sr. may be the John born on May 27, 1575 in Skireck, Lincolnshire, England, although I am not sure that all of this lineage is correct. I did read at some point that there is no DNA link between Edward (mentioned near the beginning of my comments and John Sr. Can anyone confirm, with any documentation, or help me figure out where my tracing has gone wrong? Thanks to anyone who may be able to help.

    • You are correct in thinking that Sylvanus Trip[e] of Kittery, Maine is unrelated to John “The Founder” Tripp of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. DNA testing of male descendants of Sylvanus and John show that they share a common ancestor in no less than 7,000 years. See the Tripp Surname DNA Project at Family Tree DNA for details. Note that John’s branch (haplogroup) is “R,” while Sylvanus belongs to the older “I” group. Both genetic groups are found in England.

      You are not the first person to place Sylvanus in John’s family. There are thousands (tens of thousands?) of online trees that repeat this error. The error goes back at least 90 years to the 1924 Tripp genealogy by George Randall. Interesting enough, Randall enumerates John’s 12 children, and then just before naming Sylvanus, adds the words “and perhaps.” As was common for the era, Randall doesn’t document any of his work so we will never know the basis of his doubts. However, in 1989 Margaret Bock published a 5-generation genealogy in The Genealogist. She corrects several errors in Randall’s work as well as providing documentation of vital events and parentage missing in Randall’s work. She also provides a convincing argument, independent of DNA, showing why Sylvanus couldn’t be the 13th child of John Tripp.

  94. I am trying to contact distant relatives of my Mother’s Linda Margaret McDonald. My Mother, Linda M. McDonald’s Mother is from Cornwall, England. I am not sure if it is a cousin, Everett and Ruth Tripp of Cornwall, England.

    I would like to get in touch with them. Please help.

    Cherie Novy
    From Arlington, Washington State, USA

  95. Clarence Tripp and his brother Orlando changed their last name to McDonald in the early 1900s. We are not sure why. But this might help you in your search. I am in Ancestry if you want to look at my tree.

    Vic McDonald

  96. Thanks for the information on the Tripp family.

    Joyce Miller

  97. Thank you Vic.. I will get more family information and let you know.. Cherie

  98. I have a photo of someone named Garner Tripp taken in China during WWII. Is it possible this is the same person? You can contact me at: Robert Milne: I think it’s the same person in a photo with my dad, David Milne.

  99. Perhaps the Garner C Tripp Jr. b. 1915, d.2002. US Army WWII. Br. Gerald B. H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery.

  100. I have just been introduced to a family that I didn’t know I had. With the passing of my mother, June Tripp Pallack & my uncle George Edgar Tripp, I found pictures & dates. I have visited my great grandparents grave, Charles & Elizabeth Tripp & my great great grandparents Perry Greene & Mary Tripp. I can’t seem to go back any farther. Any help? Thank You.

    Hal Pallack

  101. Hi I know my great grand father is James Steven Tripp b. New York 1822-1907 married to Laura Fox .his son my great gf is Slyvanus Bradford Tripp 1857-1925 I believe James Steven parents are Steven 1806-1830 died east Guilford New york and Sarah Doliver Tripp nothing further back then Steven and Sarah Havent figure out who Steven parents are??? Any help Thank you

  102. The only person I have with the name Fox is my Grandfather George Fox Tripp born March 30, 1813 in New Bedford, Massachusetts. His father was Sammuel Tripp born June 12, 1788 in Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts. Hope this will help you in finding the person you are looking for.

  103. Eunice Stanley nee Tripp, wife of Ephraim Stanley,
    was my third great grandmother. Any help on Eunice Tripp’s line of descent would be appreciated. There seems to be disagreement on how far back her line of descent can be traced.

    Thank you, Richard May

  104. I am tracing my ancestry from New Kent Co., VA through one John Woodall who was transported to VA by a Richard Pearce. It looks as if I may be related to a Richard Wodell (Wordell) through Gresham Wodell and William Wodel (Bristol Co., MA) and Portsmouth, R.I.

    I do hope that I have found a possible true link.

    Ann Woodall Sutherland
    Dearing, GA

  105. My mother was Effie Tripp ,daughter of John Tilman Tripp of Winterville North Carolina, I look forward to filling in the gaps of my family history through this site

    • Thank you for visiting the Tripp Family Genealogical Web Site ( I was able to locate Effie Tripp’s family in our database of more than 55,000 Tripp entries. I found Effie’s father John T Tripp in our database was compiled by Herman Tripp, here:

      There is more detail in the database but here is a short outline of Effie’s Tripp ancestors:

      Effie Tripp
      — John Tilman Tripp (1871-1954) = Annie Riley Williamson (1869-1915)
      —- Redding Tripp (1830-1917) = Sarah Alvania/Alvany Stocks
      —— Benjamin Tripp = Jutry Cannon
      ——– Caleb Tripp = Lela Morris has dozens of John Tilman Tripp’s ancestry. I looked at a few and they differ significantly from Herman’s research as to Benjamin Tripp’s father is. Perhaps a Othaniel/Oprial/Nile b. c 1760 at Swift Creek in North Carolina. Unfortunately the documentation after Benjamin is poor, consisting of other unsourced family trees, LDS IGI entries, and bulletin board posts.

      The Tripp Surname DNA Project ( ) has a member who descends from a John Tripp, b. 1818 in Pitt Co. He matches to the family of John Tripp (1610-1678) of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Exactly how your family arrived in North Carolina in the mid-1700s from New England is a mystery.

      Yours is a difficult Tripp line to document in the records because of the time period and a big jump in geography. I receive many inquiries about North Carolina Tripp families looking for answers. Sorry I can’t provide more easy answers. The good news is that more primary records are becoming accessible online and genetic DNA is becoming more mainstream in the genealogy community. The two combined should result in breaking through brick walls we face in our research.

  106. Who was you Grandfather and Great Grandparents and maybe I can help

  107. My grandmother was Rosa Belle Tripp and her father was Albert Tripp from Poland Maineand his father was Charles Henry Tripp.

  108. hi, i found your site very interesting. i was delighted to see just how far back people have searched the tripp family. my great grandfather was miles tripp, i found him on census living in cass county now bartow county georgia. trippe was the spelling of the last name before it was changed to tripp. miles was married to lizzie and had several children. they were ann,william,henry,jackson,lula,narciuss. i need information on this family line. jack tripp is my grandfather and he move his family to ohio in 1920.

  109. John the Founder<Abiel<Abiel Jr<Thomas<William<James<Perigo<George<Ferdinard<Chester<Me

  110. I am trying to identify the parents of Polly Tripp B 1801 Essex CY (per NY census) M Harris (Harrison) Page M ca 1823 and D 11/29/1871 Keesville, NY

    I believe she is one of the daughter of William Tripp (1769 – 1831)

    the information on William Tripp Jr #344 of the Tripp Descendants of John Tripp includes a deed dated 29 May 1833 which lists Children and heirs of William Tripp (James Tripp of Tompkins co; Stephen Tripp of Ohio; Henry Tripp; Saul Tripp; also Harris Page and Polly, James Fuller and Betsey; Sally Tripp of Essex co.

    I think William Tripp # 790 family is as follows

    William Tripp b 5/28/1769 D bef 4/29/1831 (Phoebe’s will Phoebe wife of William Jr #334) (son of William jr) UNKN wife

    William died after 1807 (date of father’s will) and before may 1833 (sale of property that had belonged to his father)

    A Deed (51:75) of 29 May 1833 shows Job Tripp of Schorarie, Benjamin Valence of Marshall,Oneida co. and Phebe; John Valence of Marshall and Rebecca; Joseph Wood and Martha of Washington; Ruth Mosher wid of Bardine; John L. Tripp and Margaret [Stephen’s children] Gurdon Tripp and Jan of Stanford; Rufus Tripp; Pamela Tripp; Phebe Tripp; William Tripp all of Stanford; Children and heirs of William Tripp (James Tripp of Tompkins co; Stephen Tripp of Ohio; Henry Tripp; Saul Tripp; also Harris Page and Polly, James Fuller and Betsey; Sally Tripp of Essex co. and Wesson Mosher son of Ruth of Washington sold to William C. Newcomb of Clinton.

    Note: the Town of Clinton is in Dutchess County; the Village of Clinton is in Oneida County with in the Town of Kirkland

    This deed strongly suggests the children of William Tripp, son of William Tripp, Jr are (They are all identified as Children and heirs of William Tripp in two May1833 deeds)

    James of Tompkins Cty mentioned in Phoebe’s will
    185 census NY Census b ca 1793 Dutchess Cty, NY wife Harriett res Danby, Tompkins, NY carpenter to area 1830’s (B 6/9/1792 find-a-grave)
    James Tripp D Apr 29, 1877 84y 10m 20d South Danby Cemetery, Tompkins Cty
    Steven of Ohio mentioned in Phoebe’s will he D 15 April 1863 • Ohio, USA
    Saul (Solomon) B 1792 mentioned in Phoebe’s will
    1820 census Danby, Tompkins, NY Old John Manning’s 50 acres.
    speculative person in this tree. James has a headstone indicating that his birth was in 1792, making him 28. He is listed as the head of household and accounts for the “1” entered in Column B for Free White Male over age 25. John Van Kleeck’s History of South Danby said that James came in 1818 to Danby with a brother Stephen, so he accounts for one of two males reported in Column C for males 16-25. I speculate that the remaining male of age 16-25 was Solomon, and that James, Stephen, and Solomon are the sons of William Tripp #790 (Tripp Genealogy Website), who died before 1831. An 1833 Deed in Dutchess Co. NY at Mentions “Children and heirs of William Tripp (James of Tompkins Co NY; Stephen of Ohio;…” The William Tripp appears to refer to William Tripp #709 (, who had sons James, Stephen, and Solomon. from

    Henry possibly deceased by 1831 as not mentioned by Phebe but is listed in land deed of 1833 and widow is Abigail (she in 1830 census Essex Cty)
    Betsey M James Fuller B 1801
    Sally of Essex Cty 1833
    Polly B 1801 Essex Cty, NY (NY census 1855, 65 75) M Harris Page D 11/29/1871 Keesville, NY
    given William’s age, Polly would probably be the youngest child

    The will of Phoebe Tripp, second wife and step-mother of William Tripp, who died 29 Apr 1831 specifies the children of Willam as (Stephen of Ohio, Solomon and James unknown). She does not name any daughters of William or son Henry.

    To those of you who know much more about the Tripp family than I do, does this make any sense? Do you have any information you can share to prove or refute any of this?

    Thank you very much for your time

  111. Granddaughter of Samuel Charles Tripp of Kingston Canada

  112. I am new to the search. My father is John Gerald Tripp, his parents were William Oscar Tripp and Lillian Ann Dunigan of Oklahoma and Missouri areas. Any information as to the parents of my grandfather William Oscar Tripp would be appreciated.

  113. I am Herbert Leland Tripp and trace my lineage as follows:
    Herbert Leland Tripp, Victor Tripp, Charles Tripp, Benjamin Leland Tripp, Egbert Tripp, John Tripp (Sara Duell), Samuel Tripp (Mary Howard), Timothy Tripp (Susanna Wilburn), John Tripp (Rebecca), James Tripp (Mary L.), John Tripp (Mary Paine), John Tripp (Isobel Moses), and Nathaneil Tripp.

    I am interested in finding other branchs of the Tripp Tree.

  114. I am Gary William Tripp there is a break in my lineage quite certain of my line back to Charles b Jun 25 1761 > Ezra W b 1807 > Isaac b 1842 > Edmund Claude b 1868 > Bascom W. b 1908 > Me. In checking other web sites I have found 4 different paths 3 of which are impossible due to dates the remaining path is through Jabez b 1729 son of Jonathan b 1706 And Lydia b 1707 but have never found any confirmation of this. Any help would be appreciated.

  115. Good morning. I know how hard it is looking for lost family. I have been working with someone & between
    her help & some paperwork I found, we made connections. We were looking for connections for our
    great-great grandfather & found them. I still looking for the last piece of the puzzle for information on
    my aunt Edna Lydia Tripp. I have information up to 1930 but nothing after that.
    Thanks again.

    Hal Pallack

  116. I am the grandson of George Edgar Tripp & have have traced our roots back to John the Founder & Mary.
    I can provide any help that is needed

  117. I am the biological son of Eugene Lowell Tripp of Parsonsfield and Brownfield, Me. I have traced this line back to Sylvanus Tripp. This is my line: Gregory Anthony > Eugene Lowell Tripp > Horiato Jones Tripp > George W. Tripp > Isaiah Tripp > Thomas Tripp > William Tripp > Robert Tripp > Sylvanus Tripp. I can download my Raw DNA from Ancestry if needed.

  118. Leona Cote (Galligan)-

    I am daughter of Frederick Thomas Galligan Jr 1941 > son of Frederick Thomas Galligan > Lucy A Tripp > Frederick A Tripp > David Tripp and Mary Jane Tripp . David > Stephen Tripp /Nancy Waite. Mary Jane > / Patience Potter/James B Tripp. > David Tripp/Lucy Tripp.. David >Hannah Waite/David Tripp.. Lucy Tripp > Patience Potter/Stephen Tripp > Abigail Davis/George Tripp >Rebecca Spooner/John Tripp > Mercy Lawton/James Tripp >Mary Paine/John Tripp

  119. I am seeking a widow Mary Tripe , who married (2) Jonathan Johnson sr 12 Oct 1763 possibly in or near Kittery, Maine. I am a Johnson descendant by way of Ichabod S Johnson & Lydia /Lidia Allard, s/o Simon Johnson & Rachel Busey or Russell, s/o Jonathan Johnson sr & (1)Sarah Babb 2) widow Mary Tripe. Jonathan had a number of children with (1)Sarah Babb. Did he have any Johnson children with Mary? When & where were they married?. What was Mary’s maiden name? Parents, lineage? Did Mary & Unknown (maybe Robert have any children?

  120. Amanda Mathieson – Sharing my tree as a Canadian branch. John & Mary > John & Susanna > John & Mary Hart > Richard & Mary Demille (moved to Prince Edward County, Canada with Brother, Israel who also married a Demille) > Issac Allen Sr. & Annie Wessels > issac Allen Jr. & Margaret Matilda Spencer > Stephen Allan & Margaret O’Donahue > Stephen Allen > me

  121. I am a decesdant of Richard Tripp (abt 1720-1810) of Epsom NH
    he is said to have come from Portsmouth NH and married Ann McClary of Epsom
    I was wondering if anyone has a connection between him and the Tripps of Rhode Island
    Thank You Mick

  122. Hello. I am the great great granddaughter to Florida Tripp and Charles Woodsum,their daughter Mary married John Sedgley and was my grandmother Latona Sedgley parents,my grandmother married my grandfather George W Erving and their daughter Faith was my mother. I was wondering if anyone has a connection between Florida Tripp and Charles Woodsum? Thank you Lafona

  123. Keith Andrew Mosher
    3 of my dad’s 8 great, great grandparents were Tripps, as well as his mother

    1)John & Mary Paine> James & Elizabeth Cudworth> Francis & Waitstill Chase> Isaac & Edith Russell> James & Patience Devol> Benjamin & Elizabeth Butts> Lurana & David Mosher> Andrew Mosher & Carrie Sanford> Lester Mosher & A. Evelyn Tripp> Everett “Barney” Mosher & Mary Sheldon> Me.

    2)John& Mary Paine> Joseph & Mehitable Fish> Joseph & Elizabeth Smith> Joseph & Judith Mosher> Weston & Comfort Potter> Jonathan & Alice Devol> Howard & Emily Gifford> Emily & David Sanford> Carrie Sanford & Andrew Mosher > Lester Mosher & A. Evelyn Tripp> Everett “Barney” Mosher & Mary Sheldon> Me

    3)John & Mary Paine> James> Francis> Isaac> James> Benjamin & Elizabeth Butts> James & Christina Soule> George & Hannah Macomber> A.Evelyn Tripp & Lester Mosher> Everett “Barney” Mosher & Mary Sheldonr> Me

  124. That should have been great grandparents I put in an extra set of grand parents in each by mistake

  125. Hello John Stanley,

    We have a shared interest in the family history of a certain William Tripp b. 5/28/1769 in Dutchess County. My post on this guestbook is #78 above. I know from my own family history, backed up by census records, that I am descended from a James Tripp, b. 9-Jun 1792 in Dutchess County NY, d. 29 Apr 1877 in South Danby, Tompkins County, NY. I recognize in your post comments that come from my public family tree on, documenting my speculation that the James Tripp in question was born to “William Tripp #790” I have yet to find a family Bible or other birth information that definitively says James Tripp of Danby is the son of William Tripp #790 of Dutchess County, but I continue to piece together timelines and other information that build circumstantial evidence linking the two. Perhaps this circumstantial information will help us eventually determine whether James Tripp of Danby is the brother of Polly Page of Keesville.

    The first piece of circumstantial evidence linking James Tripp of Danby to William Tripp #790 and his father William Tripp #344 is James Tripp showing up as a new head of household in South Danby NY in the Census of 1820, combined with a recollection from a lifelong resident of Danby that James arrived in 1818 with a brother named Steven. The Census of 1820 actually shows that the initial household was much larger than simply James and his brother Stephen. Here is the whole record:

    Name James Tripp
    Home in 1820 (City, County, State) Danby, New York
    Enumeration Date August 7, 1820
    Free White Persons – Males – 16 thru 25 2
    Free White Persons – Males – 26 thru 44 1
    Free White Persons – Females – Under 10 2
    Free White Persons – Females – 16 thru 25 1
    Number of Persons – Engaged in Agriculture 2
    Free White Persons – Under 16 2
    Free White Persons – Over 25 1
    Total Free White Persons 6
    Total All Persons – White, Slaves, Colored, Other 6

    The oldest male is aged 26-44 and would have been James Tripp age 28 in 1820. He is listed as the head of household, as would be expected. But who are the other two males aged 16-25? They are too old to be James’ sons, so a logical guess is that they are his brothers. One of them is certainly the brother Stephen referenced earlier. The other male is likely the son Solomon referred to in William #790’s stepmother Phebe’s will.

    What about the females? The white female aged 16-25 is likely James’ wife Phebe, who died in Danby in 1830, according to a headstone in the tiny cemetery where James was buried with this second wife, Harriet. The other two females under age 10 are too young to be Polly; she would have been 19 in 1820. These are likely daughters of James and his first wife Phebe, but could be any females born 1810-1820.

    What would have prompted James to leave Dutchess County for Danby in 1818? One possibility is the death of his grandfather (#344) and father (#790). I have the full text of the will of William #344, James’ grandfather, and it was delivered to the second wife (Phebe) of William #344 on 19 Jun 1816 as the Executrix. William #344’s Family Bible says he died 23 Mar 1815. As to the death of William #790, it is not known except that he is referenced as being dead in Phebe’s will of 1831. So perhaps William #790 and #344 both died around 1816-1817. This would explain the exodus in 1818.

    Another coincidental fact about James of Danby is that he appears in every US and NY Census for Danby from 1820 to 1875 except one: 1830. What would cause an absence in 1830? Perhaps the poor health of James’ stepmother in 1830 and her death in 1831, followed by the settlement of the deed of 1833.

    If all of this speculative history is correct, can it be reconciled with Polly Tripp Page being James’ sister, born in Essex Co. in 1801? This would mean that William #790 took his young family out of Dutchess County and moved to Essex County prior to 1801, where he fathered Polly. James and his brothers would have presumably been living in Essex County with the rest of the family. In 1818 the sons would have moved to Danby, leaving unmarried Polly behind at the age of 17, living with her father or another relative. It is hard to say what would prompt this. It is possible; I’m not sure how probable it is. What would prompt the move? William #344 was alive until 1815. Why would his son move away, and where would he get the money to do so?

    It seems to me that the key document relative to Polly and William #790 is the Deed (51:75). One thing that has always bothered me is that the transcription for the list of “children and heirs of William” has an open parenthesis in the list: the left parenthesis starts with James and is never closed. The word “also” prior to Harris Page and Polly seems to start a new list of some kind…what if the right parenthesis should be before the “also” and the people after the also are relatives other than “Children and heirs of William Tripp.” Perhaps grandchildren of a brother of William #344, who owned property with William #344, and the land went to two sets of heirs? Here is the verbatim quote.

    “Children and heirs of William Tripp (James Tripp of Tompkins co; Stephen Tripp of Ohio; Henry Tripp; Saul Tripp; also Harris Page and Polly, James Fuller and Betsey; Sally Tripp of Essex co. and Wesson Mosher son of Ruth of Washington sold to William C. Newcomb of Clinton.”

    Some day I want to find the original deed and read exactly what it says. I’d also like to know how that very long list of owners came by their ownership. Did any of them buy in? How many inherited their portion, and from whom?

    I’m not sure if this helps you, but it is everything I can think of that might be relevant one way or the other.

    Good luck!

  126. Can someone please add me under Peleg Descendants please? Thanks 🙂

    This is what I have so far by looking at Grave Memorials.

    John and Mary Paine Tripp>Peleg Tripp and Anne Sisson Tripp>Job and Elizabeth Tripp>Judge Job Tripp/Sara WeedenJr>Ezekiel and Mary Lawton Tripp>Benjamin Tripp/Hannah Deuel Tripp>Ephriam D/O Tripp and Sally Tripp> Lionel Silas Tripp/Mary Agnes Wertz Tripp>Joseph E Tripp/Bessie Batdorf Tripp Smeed>Joseph L Tripp Sr/Ruth Ann Carnahan>My Dad>Me!

  127. My email program will not accept as a valid address even when I try unsuccessfully to remove quotes.

    I was trying to send you a letter stating that I am a lineal descendant of the Charlotte Tripp who appears as a 20 year old woman in the household
    of her parents James and Hannah Tripp in the 1850 census of Rochester ,New York. She appears under her married name on the same monument as her husband Carlos Nivison in Oakwood Cemetery Muskegon Michigan.

    • Thanks, Bill.

      Look for updates to the Tripp Family Genealogical Website master database in the near future. James Tripp is my 3rd great-uncle and older brother of my 2nd great-grandfather, Joseph Tripp (1812-1881). is a good email address to reach me. Sorry your browser is playing tricks on you.

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