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Recent additions and changes the Tripp Family Genealogical Web Site.

Added 1 May 2017. Tripp_Research_Toolbox, a  compilation of online resources for Tripp research. Covers Massachusetts, New York, Michigan, Ontario, England.

Updated 28 December 2016. Removed all HTML databases from the website and added pointers to the new  TNG databases. The database defaults to “Tripp Family Genealogical Website.”  Additional databases are found on the “Advanced Search” page under the “Trees:” pull-down menu. Choices are “All Trees,” “Bob Tripp’s Genealogy,”  “Dale Thompson’s Genealogy,” and “Tripp Family Genealogical Website.”  The Margaret Bock database was renamed “Bob Tripp’s Genealogy” to more clearly reflect Bob’s efforts assembling the database.

Added December 23, 2016. Tripp Family Genealogical Database replacing the older, static HTML database. The database is based on The Next Generation (TNG) software that allows visitors to search, generate reports, and download information. This database is named “Tripp Family Genealogical Website” and contains 56,000 Tripp persons is based on the 40 years of research done by Herman Tripp.

Added December 23, 2016. John Tripp, 1611 – 1678, A Glimpse into Our Founder’s Life – Janet Tripp Andrews.

Added May 15, 2016.   Feed from the Tripp Family Genealogy Facebook page.

Added December 7, 2014. The indenture of John Tripp of Horkstow, Lincolnshire, Boston and Portsmouth; and his three New England masters – Ronald E. Benson, Jr.

Added November 10, 2012. We’ve moved to WordPress for a new and updated look!

Added August 24, 2012. Tripp DNA Project web page. Results and background of our project at Family Tree DNA to identify and prove or relationship to John Tripp of Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

Updated July 15, 2011. Added Abial Tripp research by Pam Purol; several new families in Guest Book.

Updated June 3, 2011. Added several families in Guest Book.

Updated January 30, 2011. The Tripp Family Web site moved to a new home on the Internet at TrippGenealogy.org.

Added December 10 2005. Paul L. Tripp has graciously provide a number of new documents and references for his page on the Tripp Genealogical Web site. This occurred during the month of December 2005. You are strongly encouraged to go to this area of the web site to find lots of new and enlightening information about John Tripp The Founder and related research.

Updated January 26, 2004. Herman Tripp’s web page on John The Founder.

Added August 6, 2003. Site search engine provided by FreeFind.com which allows you to search the Tripp Family Web Site to find what you are looking for.

Added July 24, 2003. Link to 1810, Third Federal Census, Essex County New York

Added July 23, 2003. Biography of TRIPP, J. Stephens – a lawyer and banker of Prairie du Sac, is the son of Silas Tripp, who was the son of Benjamin Tripp and grandson of Ezekiel Tripp, who was a noted Quaker speaker of Dutchess county, N. Y., prior to and during the revolutionary war.

Added July 23, 2003. Biography of Franklin TRIPP was born in Floyd, December 27, 1831, son of Isaac Tripp, (who married Mary Brooker in 1812), and he was one of eleven children, seven sons and four daughters; Henderson, Septimus, Savinah, Julia Ann, Isaac jr., William, Marquis De Lafayette, Helen, Franklin, Jeanette and Orris B. Isaac sr. was born in Dutchess county, December 17, 1792, a son of William Tripp, who served as a soldier in the Revolutionary war (and was consequently a pensioner till his death).

Added July 23, 2003. Biography of George L. TRIPP was born in Bridgewater, N. Y., February 7,1873, son of Milton and Jennie Cole Tripp, of that town.

Added July 23, 2003. Biography of Orris B. TRIPP was born in Floyd April 27, 1838, son of Isaac and Mary (Brook) Tripp.

Added July 20, 2003. Search Dibean Michigan Marriage (and other ) Indexes – If you have ancestors that lived or migrated through Michigan you need to go to this site. and search for “Tripp” – you will find 278 different sources including Marriage records, Land records, Newspapers, Cemeteries, etc. You can search all of Michigan or by county. It is all free and no advertising. Great site.

Last updated: 1 May 2017

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  1. Do you have any research on this Tripp Family?
    Daniel Jackson Tripp b 20 Feb 1873 CA d 18 Mar 1956 married Maud Jones b 22 Oct 1956 Red Oak,IA d 12 Dec 1956 CA.
    Daniel’s father was Samuel Volturner Tripp b 11 Dec 1828 Allegany Co., NY d 26 Mar 1895 Radec, CA , mother was Carolina Morning Covington b 18 Jun 1846 Grenada, MS d 02 Apr 1925 Radec, CA
    Samuel’s father was Thomas Henry Tripp b 15 Mar 1800 in East Freetown or Freetown Corners, Cortland Co., NY death unknown.
    This Tripp line continues; Thomas Jr, Thomas Sr, William, Job, Peleg and John 1610.

  2. Daughter of Herbert Lloyd Tripp and granddaughter of Edward Herbert Tripp who was married to Theresa Ella Marie Weigand. My Dad was born in Lethbridge, Ontario Canada and spent most of his childhood in Kingsville, Ontario Canada. Edward was born in New York, USA. My Nephew Colin Tripp is also working on the Tripp family history

    • Thanks for checking in, Joanne. Colin contacted us several weeks ago about his research. We are 4th cousins through a different son of Charles Tripp (1761-1844). Ezra Tripp was the most prolific of all of the children of Charles and Jane Woodworth and has many living descendants.

  3. While I agree that John Tripp, Jr. (1610-1678) is the Founder of our U.S. line, I have quite a tree of his antecedents (John Sr. 1581-1629), Nathaniel Alexander Tripp 1549-1614, Reginald Tripp 1523-1580, Henry Edward John Tripp 1500-1560, Nicholas Tripp 1452-1510.
    Am I alone in this? Do we have a better tree going back farther than our beloved Founder?
    Thanks, Cara

    • Cara,

      Take a look at “Some Observations on the Ancestry of John Tripp, Emigrant to Portsmouth, Rhode Island” The Genealogist, 10:2 (Fall 1989) by Neil D. Thompson, Ph. D, F. A. S G. He suggests John the Founder’s line looks like this:

      George Tripp ( – d. 1580) m. Margaret (—)
      — John Tripp (c1550-1614) m. Ellys (—)
      —— John Tripp (1587-1636) m. Isabel Moyses
      ——— John Tripp (1610-1678) m. Mary Paine
      ———— …
      Thompson’s research appears in scholarly peer-reviewed journal and contains citations to all the relationships, places, dates, as well as careful analysis of what he found. His primary sources are English wills and church records and John’s handwritten “revelation.” Unfortunately most of the alternative trees for John’s English ancestor’s are not as rigorous in their citing of evidence.

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